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RECAP: Warriors 97, Cavs 378,982,124 - Yuck

Final Boxscore

Did that really happen?

We lost even with LeBron was in business casual attire. You know what this means? It clearly means the Cavs are better without LeBron. When you blow out a quality team like the Warriors, you have to question whether your "best player" is really helping your team. I mean, they barely win in Oakland with LeBron, imagine how much they would have blown us out without LeBron. Think about it. Anyways, for this game the Cavs beat the Warriors in every single statistical category except blocks and free throws. Points, fouls, steals, turnovers, assists, rebounds, 3pt %, fg%, heck even minutes. It's weird to see that the Cavs played a total of 233 minutes compared to the 232 played by the Warriors. You know, instead of calling them the Cleveland LeBron's, I'm going to call them the Cleveland Pavlovic's. Has a nice ring to it.

Also, chimp was kind enough to let me know how I did on my predictions. Thanks chimp, I appreciate you pointing this out. Just make sure to point it out when I get them all correct too (which may never happen).

    * Warriors by 9
    * Al Harrington continues his hot streak and goes for 25+
    * Baron's trying to prove he's an All-Star and gets 23 points and 12 assists
Yep, 0 correct, 3 wrong. I should have made more predictions, maybe I could have been 0-10, kind of like how the Warriors shot tonight.

So here's a key stat that I'd like to make known. The Warriors are now 5-13 when Adonal plays more than 5 minutes. This means that in games where he doesn't play more than 5 minutes, the Warriors are 16-11. I think this is the key to future Warrior success. Don't play Adonal more than 5 minutes and the Warriors stand a better chance of winning. You're just rolling the dice when it hits that 5 minute mark. Someone tell Nellie.

I should do these types of analyses all the time. First figuring out that Cleveland is better without LeBron and now figuring out that playing Adonal too much is detrimental to the team. Genius I tell you, genius. I may not be able to correctly tell the future considering my predictions are off, but I can sure analyze basketball.

I went and looked through the rest of the comments in the game thread, and I found this picture courtesy of Sleepy Freud. I was thinking of just using this as the recap actually, but couldn't let my great analysis go to waste. Anyways, enjoy.

And then I thought, what the heck, sometimes it's better to just let you guys tell the story.

This is from semarubaka

This is kind of embarrassing.......
Heck, just being a Warrior fan is kind of embarassing.

maybenextyear also chimed in.

Pathetic effort out there tonight.
Yup, now only if we had Dunleavy and Murphy...

Then goldenberto wanted to share his thoughts.

I give up....... todays game just mean one thing..
the unlucky 13 is upon us
Maybe Adonal should play more then. He could help us get Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.

So, can we pretend this one didn't happen and just move on to Atlanta? You know, Atlanta's not a very good team, this should be an easy win...sound familiar?

Warrior Wonder: The monkey in this video is the Warrior Wonder because he made me laugh even in my depressed state. I feel like this monkey right now, and the "stuff" is well, you can figure it out. Of course, just like the monkey, I keep hoping that one day the "stuff" is not "stuff", but it never seems to turn out that way.

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