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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow...

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Happy times no more

Okay so it's not that big of a deal, but sadly, Anthony Roberson was cut from the team today.  ON THE RUN's diary, "Roberson Cut..." links to the RealGM story. Here's a link to the AP article via Yahoo.

Anthony Roberson really shined bright during the preseason as Nellie couldn't keep him off the floor. He even played well during the regular season and looked like he was going to stay with the team. Unfortunately, with his injury combined with injuries to JRich and Monta, the Warriors needed to cut someone to free up a roster slot for another guard, in this case Kelenna Azubuike. I'm sure it was more of a numbers game rather than his actual performance.

I really started to like him as he forced Nellie to give him a roster spot in an already crowded backcourt. Although he played sparingly, he was a valuable member off the bench when Baron or Monta needed a break. His best game came in the blowout loss to the Spurs where he scored 21.

So, good luck to Anthony Roberson, I'm sure a contending team can use his scoring ability. Once he heals, I expect the Warriors to look to sign him again or he'll get an offer from a team looking to bolster it's roster for the playoffs.

Kebuike vs ARob. Assuming they're healthy, who do you take and why?