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Recap: Warriors 105, Suns 128 - Optimism, meet pessimism!

There was very little out there to convince me to not just write the word "Ugh" for this recap with a link to the Box Score, but I felt that it would be a cop-out recap. So, painful as it may be, let's break this game down and figure out what went wrong.


Box Score


Excellent! Haven't had some Funleavy Foto Fun in a while!

Okay, maybe I'm being a little harsh. As wildly optimistic as I am about the Warriors, I am not totally shocked to see an outcome like this playing the Suns on their home court. Truth be told, I've been more surprised at the outcomes of our previous games against the Suns being so close. I mean this as no discredit to the Warriors, but rather as a testament to the powerhouse that is Phoenix this season. They are among the elite, and tonight we suffered their wrath.

Could we have beat Phoenix? Of course! But we would have needed to all of our powers in full force at the same time. That just didn't happen tonight. First off, Baron's minutes were justifiably reduced for this game. He's been shouldering the load for quite some time now and I think it was a wise move on Nellie's behalf to give the man a little rest. Having Monta probably didn't hurt the decision either.

Speaking of Monta, it's great to see him approaching full health again, but did he have to dip his hands in Crisco before the game? Nine turnovers ain't pretty kid. Hold on to that rock!


Next time use a spoon Monta!

Unfortunately, Barnes wasn't having one of his nights. It's been said before that Barnes is a monster out there; he just isn't at a point where he is consistent yet. We could have used his juiced up version tonight, but instead we got docile mode.

There were decent showings tonight from MP2, Beidrins (nice boards!), Diogu, Dunleavy and Kabuki tonight. The supporting cast was somewhat in the game tonight, but most of their stats came during garbage time (3rd and 4th quarter). Wait did I say garbage time? I meant sewage time. It's tough to deny that Kabuki's got game. I'm looking forward to seeing more from him.

We got outplayed tonight. There's no two ways about it. Welcome back to the wonderful world of .500.

Warrior Wonder: Hell let's give it to the new kid! Welcome aboard Kabuki!

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