Kawakami Analysis

This is a pretty accurate analysis of the Warriors and where they'll probably end up. this was on Tim Kawakami's blog site:

They don't have a forward who can create shots or reliably defend the post. They put way too much on Baron Davis, especially when Monta Ellis is hurt. I have no idea why they keep playing Troy Murphy.

They're terrible on the road. They're a lousy free-throw shooting team.

I don't want to hear this any more: "We won't know how good they really are until we see their whole line-up healthy."

Uh, guys? This is the NBA. Players get hurt. You deal with it. Or you don't.

The Warriors are better than last season, but not enough to make the playoffs unless something major happens. Win one, lose one, win two, lose three... Hey, that's what 40-42 is.

This analysis is pretty fair. The Warriors are way too inconsistent to be talking playoffs. And even if by chance they make it they will only be a one and done team against the powerhouses. Management has dug this team a steep grave with the mix of bad contracts and our inability to rectify the situation. Our team is talented, but very, very unbalanced, and in the NBA you need talent at every position. Otherwise you're playing a 3-4 against 5 on every posession.

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