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Warriors 2k7-2k8: It's Training Camp Time!

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"Practice? Practice? Practice? We're talking about practice man!" Yup, it's that time of the year again. After today's Media Day (our man Fantasy Junkie is actually over at the festivities at the Arena as I'm typing this, check back later today for his thoughts), the fun really begins. Haha well I guess it's fun for us since we're not the ones running suicides with Nellie barking at us to chug the Slim-Fast and drop weight like Oprah- but not gain it back of course! The Dubs will be flying out to O'ahu, Hawaii and undoubtedly be practicing like crazy until October 8th.

At the very least it should be good for tons of great Nellie quotes. Last season he was good for all those crazy lines about how Mike Dunleavy was about to blow up the spot as a Point Power Forward (the point was Dun and power don't belong in the same sentence), how Troy Murphy was going to morph into a 20-10 big man (um, no) and how Adonal Foyle was going to get a lot of splinters sitting on the Warriors' bench (well I guess that one actually did happen).

Is Chris Mullin making a comeback?
Anyone actually think Nellie's sippin' a non-alcoholic beverage in this pic?
Has Lucky been working on his free throws this offseason?
We'll find out the answers to those questions and more this training camp

Then on October 9th it's game time! Sure the games are absolutely meaningless, but ever since Marco Belinelli aka Il Tiratore was lighting up the Vegas Summer League we've all been anxiously waiting for some action on the hardwood. Here's the Warriors' preseason schedule at a glance plus my "expert" commentary and analysis:

October 9th Lakers vs Warriors (Honolulu, HI 10:00pm - TV: FSN Bay Area, Radio: KNBR 1050)
This is the only Warriors preseason game that's being televised, so you won't want to miss it.

October 11th Lakers vs Warriors (Honolulu, HI 10:00pm - Radio: KNBR 1050)
I can just see the headlines and news items on October 12th: "After suffering two straight beat downs at the hands of the Golden ones, superstar shooting guard Kobe Bryant issues a statement 'I believe! I believe! And I demand a trade to the Warriors!'"

October 14th Warriors vs Clippers (Oakland baby! 6:00pm)
Let's thank the Clipped for their meltdown late last season, by giving them freebie preseason win. Or let's not...

October 15th Warriors vs Zalgiris Kaunas (Roaracle Arena 7:30pm)
I won't lie- I'm just dying to see what "Zalgiris Kaunas" looks like printed on a jersey. Can you even fit something that long? I think this ranks up there with my 2006 NBA Draft cries for the Warriors to "Bring Gay to the Bay!" as far as immature cracks. I still swear I'd sport a The City Gay jersey if Rudy Gay ever played on the Warriors just to show some support for those good folks in SF who wrongly aren't able to legally get married.

October 18th Warriors @ Spurs (San Antonio, TX 5:30pm)
Thank god this isn't being televised. Even though it's the preseason you know the Warriors are going to get their butts kicked by the Snores. Find a way to watch this game if you're suffering from insomnia though.

October 23rd Warriors @ Sonics (Seattle, WA 7:00pm - Radio: KNBR 1050)
It's raining Northern California game in Seattle!

October 26th Warriors @ Clippers (Los Angeles, CA 7:00pm - Radio: KNBR 1050)
We'll give them the first one, but it's always fun to beat Mike Dunleavy Sr. on his team's home court- so no promises here.


Don't sleep on these links:

(Thanks to kaszowski and OptionZero for digging up the links in this diary)


Warriors' 2007 Training Camp Roster
Kelenna Azubuike, G, 6-5, 220, Kentucky
Matt Barnes, F, 6-7, 226, UCLA
Marco Belinelli, G, 6-5, 192, Italy
Andris Biedrins, C, 6-11, 230, Latvia
Tierre Brown, G, 6-2, 189, McNeese St.
Pat Burke, F, 6-11, 250, Auburn
Austin Croshere, F, 6-10, 235, Providence
Baron Davis, G, 6-3, 215, UCLA
Monta Ellis, G, 6-3, 177, Lanier HS
Al Harrington, F, 6-9, 250, St. Patrick's HS
Troy Hudson, G, 6-1, 178, Southern Illinois
Stephen Jackson, G/F, 6-8, 218, Oak Hill Academy
Stephane Lasme, F, 6-8, 215, UMass
Patrick O'Bryant, C, 7-0, 250, Bradley
Kosta Perovic, C, 7-2, 240, Serbia
*Mickael Pietrus, G/F, 6-6, 215, France
Carlos Powell, F, 6-7, 225, South Carolina
Brandan Wright, F, 6-9, 205, North Carolina

What are you most excited about this Training Camp and Preseason? Anyone in particular you pulling for to make the final roster cuts?