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Fashion Fridays: AF1s x Head Porter x Serato

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This is for all those djs out there...and Air Force 1 fanatics.  


Shoe culture and dj-ing collide and their love child is the 25th Anniversary White on White AF1s x Head Porter x Serato collaboration.  

Included with the all-white AF1s is also the special edition all-white Serato djing equipment and also another dj essential, an all-white dj bag.

Air Force 1s have become the canvas by which shoe culture has become democratized as far as individual style goes.  Serato, also, has drastically transformed the art, technique and technology of djing, similarly allowing djs the possibilities of making and playing their own dj edits, remixes of past and present hits while also changing how we hear music and also react to it on the dancefloor.  It’s not surprising then that these two products have finally hooked up given how they made history in their own respective industries or in their historical cross-pollinations.  

But are we necessarily impressed?  

The Serato logo in the back of the shoe gives the white-on-white some flair, but otherwise seems to hold the integrity of the classic pretty much intact.  And is Serato box technologies old when it’s become integrated in Rane’s recent TTM 57SL Performance Mixer including Scratch Serato LIVE?  In my opinion, if you’re serious about gigging, you would go for the integrated mixer.  If you’re serious about kicks, then you wouldn't take these kicks anywhere near dirty clubs with drink spilling, shoe-stepping on people.  

My vote?  Not Hot