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GSoM Night: The Remaining Tickets

There are still tickets available for GSoM Night 2! Warriors group ticket rep Chris Murphy is actively collecting and reserving any tickets he can so that more of the GSoM community can join in on what promises to be an exciting opening night. At last count we are up to 775 tickets sold. That's an absolutely amazing number! I'm sure by the time the game comes around, that number will be above 800. Wow. I'm amazed. I was amazed last year when 350 people showed up (I was expecting 75) and I'm again happily shocked by the community coming together like this. Think about it, 800+ fellow Warriors fans with a common bond all rocking the same t-shirt. Gonna be off the hook!

If you have yet to buy your tickets (shame on you), you still have the opportunity to get your procrastinating hands on some! The catch is this, only the first 800 tickets sold will be getting the GSOM Night 2 t-shirt. If we sell more than 800 tickets then anyone who buys tickets 801 and above will not be getting a t-shirt. You will still be placed in the raffle and get to watch the Warriors crush the Jazz though. So, just contact Chris and he'll set you up with tickets.

Tickets are $40 each (regularly $48) in the Club 200 Sideline sections 230-203 and 214-219. We'll be sitting as close to each other as possible so that we're one big group.

Phone: (510) 986-2214

The T-Shirt
I gotta tell you, the GSoM Night 2 t-shirt is sick. Tony.psd is touching up the design and we'll unveil it to you soon. I can guarantee you this, if all of us are wearing it, people will know who we are because we'll definitely stand out.

Tickets are being mailed
I know a lot of you have been getting a little anxious about receiving your tickets, but don't worry, I just spoke with Chris Murphy about the tickets and they will be mailed out Thursday. He might still be at the office (it's 11p) putting packages together to be mailed out. So tickets should be in your mailbox sometime next week!

Mailed Instructions
Along with your tickets, you'll receive instructions on where and when all the festivities are taking place. For each ticket you purchased, you'll receive a ticket voucher, BRING THE T-SHIRT VOUCHER TO THE GAME (sorry didn't mean to yell). If you don't do that, you won't get a t-shirt. Also, if you were among the first 150 there will be instructions on how to get to the courtside shootaround. If you have a kid or are a kid 16 and under, there will be instructions on how to get to the high-5 event. Once all that information comes available to me, I'll post it here, but I wanted to stress the importance of these instructions so that we can all look like this during the game:

For those of you who can't make the game and are in the South Bay, Lifelong is trying to organize a get together on opening night too: IDEA: GSoM Night II South Bay edition. I hope as many people can get together with Lifelong to cheer on the Dubs. In fact, I bet you'll see the 800+ GSoM folks on tv!

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