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Preseason Game #1- Warriors 111, Lakers 110- Homer and the Reality Check

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I know, I know, I know. It's only the preseason and the preseason means absolutely nothing, but after getting owned by the Fakers and Ebok all of last season, man it feels good to finally beat the Lakers- even if it's not in the continental United States!

Preview/ Open Thread (200+ Comments)

One of Kaz's many highlights from tonight.
He had two JRich-esque slams too.

Final Box Score

The Warriors' starting unit opened up tonight's preseason festivities by showing the Lakers how we do Showtime in Dubland with a 41-20 lead. After that 1st quarter Nellie gave BD, Stephen "that's Captain" Jackson, Al, and Andris the night off to see what the reserves and Kelenna Azubuike could do. For the remaining 3 quarters of the game the Warriors and Warrior-hopefuls scored 70 to the Lakers' 90. However, thanks to a big, clutch shot by the rapper and point guard they call THud as the game was winding down the Warriors were able to pull of the huge, monumental, upset, meaningless win- but we'll take it! Anything's better than last year's frustrating beat downs to the Lakers:

I'll be the first one to tell you how meaningless the NBA preseason is (someone keep a running count of how many times I've said that today), but sometimes it's just fun to make bold homer-esque predictions and extrapolations based on one single meaningless NBA preseason game (I think I'm up to 7). Well I guess it's okay if you balance it out with a harsh dose of reality. Probably somewhere in between is what will actually go down this season.

D'oh it's a meaningless game!


See what Homer and the Reality Check is all about after the jump!


T-Hud draining it!

UPDATE 2: Check out this video clip of T-Hud's game winner and his thoughts.

Let's do a little episode of Homer and the Reality Check for each Warrior who played tonight.

Baron Davis

  • Homer: Boom's just in phenomenal shape. He was absolutely dominant out there in his 12 minutes of play tonight. Over 48 minutes his rate of production would be All NBA 1st Team: 48 points, 12 rebounds, 16 assists, 8 steals, and 12 3-pointers. Actually that's not just All NBA 1st Team that's like playing a whole game of NBA Jam ON FIRE!
  • Reality Check: IF Baron stays healthy for at least 78 games and the Warriors are a top 5 team record-wise we're looking at the 2007-2008 league MVP. Um, neither's going to happen.

Stephen Jackson

  • Homer: Did you see Jax looking to set up his teammates at pretty much every opportunity? He was on pace for 20 assists! Also, did you see Captain Jackson on the bench rooting for his teammates and showing them support?
  • Reality Check: He was still dribbling awfully high tonight. Jax is most likely going to have a lot of turnovers this season unless he's more careful handling the rock, especially on those crossovers. This might be the only time this season where we don't see him going back and forth with the refs. To his credit this is probably the only time we'll see the refs not screwing him with the calls.

Al Harrington

  • Homer: Al's dropped 20 pounds (I actually thought he needed to put on muscle not shed fat last season) and is ready to jump out of the gym! Did you see his nice soft finish on the glass tonight?
  • Reality Check: Was his 3pt shooting percentage last season (good for top 10 in the league) a fluke?

Andris Biedrins

  • Homer: He dribbled up court tonight! Andris is only 21 years old. Sky's the limit for this young big man. He was very active on the glass and challenging shots in his limited minutes tonight. 12 and 12 nightly.
  • Reality Check: If he's so dedicated to improving his game and taking the next big step why is his shooting form still so disgusting at the start of his 4th pro season?

Kelenna Azuibuke

  • Homer: This guy is built like a rock! He played the best game out there tonight by a landslide. All this from a guy who wasn't even drafted last year. 27 points (9 of 16 shooting), 9 rodmans, and 0 turnovers. Intelligent, strong, fast, and savvy. Write it down: The 2007-2008 NBA Most Improved Player
  • Reality Check: Actually I'm fairly sold on Azuibuke, but let's see how he does in the month of November when the games aren't meaningless (you keeping count at home?). I like what I see.

Troy Hudson

  • Homer: Tonight was just the first of many game winners THud will hit as a Warrior! I absolutely loved this guy's speed and scoring ability when he was with the Timberwolves in the Western Conference Finals against the Lakers.
  • Reality Check: Derek Fisher was guarding him back then and the Warriors only get to play the Lakers 4 times this season.

Austin Croshere

  • Homer: For a few plays out there Croshere looked like a beast. He looked quick and had a nice little J too.
  • Reality Check: Waste of space on the Warriors' roster.

Mickael Pietrus

  • Homer: Luv the man's hustle, energy, and smile.
  • Reality Check: Same old Pietrus. The Warriors are saturated with 2's and 3's and MP2 will probably play less than last season. I wouldn't be surprised to see him traded this year. Still who would've ever thought he'd outlast Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, and Jason Richardson in the Bay?

Matt Barnes

  • Homer: The mohawk's back baby! With his improved handles he'll be able to help take pressure of BD.
  • Reality Check: Tonight might have been the worst I've ever seen Barnes play in the Warrior jersey.

Patrick O'Bryant

  • Homer: Did you see that? That's what I'm talking about baby! That was amazing. I always had a sneaking suspicion O'Bryant could be a nice shot blocker with all that length, height, and timing. I saw some shades of Robert Parish and Marcus Camby tonight in the POB. With 12 boards and 3 swats tonight he was simply the best big man on the floor. He looked like he cared for a change and tried to challenge every shot. I'm not saying he'll ever be better than Biedrins, but POB has more god given talent- he's more coordinated, fluid, and skilled. If someone could light a fire under this guy or if he had a motor like Andris, he could be a solid big man for the Warriors.
  • Reality Check: Popcorn + Bakersfield + Jammin' + Cheesecake + 1 game fluke = Bust

Marco Belinelli

  • Homer: I got to hand it to Marco, he has amazing hands (terrible, terrible joke). His catch and shoot, crossover and shoot, pullup and shoot is just a joy to watch. (notice how much he likes to shoot)
  • Reality Check: For most of the night Belinelli looked pretty lost on defense. He took a little too many off-balance, wild shots for my liking. We'll just have to see how many of those off-balance, wild shots actually go in consistently.

Pat Burke

  • Homer: The future mayor of Dublin, California!
  • Reality Check: He almost cost the Warriors the game tonight with some complete foolishness. No veteran player should be making that kind of mistake. Cut. Immediately.

Tierre Brown

  • Homer: I'm always down for the brown.
  • Reality Check: The next cut after Burke.


Final Reality Checks:

  • The guy the Warriors traded JRich for didn't even play tonight- in a preseason game! Let's check the injury report in the morning. Hope everything's fine health wise for Brandan Wright. Otherwise that's a bad sign.
  • Kosta Perovic, who the Warriors used most of their midlevel exception on, couldn't even crack the rotation in a preseason game.
  • Milk Carton: Stephane Lasme. Injured? Let's hope not.
  • Carlos Powell looks like he'll be getting Josh Powell treatment except a whole lot faster.
  • Take care Monta. Neck injury's are a serious pain in the you know what. I wouldn't wish them even on a Laker fan.
  • There will be cuts and demotions to the DLeague. I wouldn't be too surprised if Nellie's thinking doing the Wright thing means sending Brandan to Bakersfield for a little bit.


Normally we hand out a Warrior Wonder award to a Warrior who exemplified some serious unstoppable-ness from the game. It seems wildly inappropriate and silly to hand out such a cherished honor for such meaningless preseason games, but if I were to hand it out I think it'd be a tossup between Kelenna and The Notorious P.O.B. I still can't believe what I saw from O'Bryant tonight. Actually I can't believe what I wrote about him in the Homer section. Again meaningless game. Um, I think it's time for me to go to bed...

Aren't you glad I'm above making fart jokes?
Seriously that's just some immature 5th grade style humor.
I would never do that.

Photos: Marco Garcia (AP), Andrew D. Bernstein (NBAE via Getty Images)