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OPEN THREAD: Preseason Game #2 - Warriors vs Lakers

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Warriors (W-L): 1-0 (preseason)

Lakers (W-L): 0-1 (preseason)

Radio: 10:00PM PST (KNBR 1050)

In the first game back, the Warriors came out on top thanks to a buzzer beater by newcomer, Troy Hudson to sealed the victory. Tuesday's game against the Lakers was like old times on the site. The preview/ open thread had 202 comments, but I know we're just getting warmed up for the season.

The game is essentially meaningless, but it's basketball nonetheless. People will make their predictions and analysis based on preseason performances. If I recall correctly, Andris Biedrins did not play so well in the summer league last year nor did he play well in the preseason last year. Well he turned in a nice season didn't he? So, let's not get carried away with great performances and non-performances, but rather watch to see what kinds of skills each of these guys worked on over the summer.

I just have a couple requests for this game, can we play Brandan Wright and Stephane Lasme? I was hoping to see them play last time, but they both got DNP's. Even though the game isn't televised, I at least want to see them in the boxscore.


  • Warriors win by 6 - not that it matters
  • Brandan Wright hangs 10 points and grabs 4 boards
  • Belinelli drops 20 poi(nts) including 4 three's
  • Baron does his best impression of King Kalakaua with another stellar performance
  • I get some loco moco and some spam musubi for dinner, yum!

UPDATE: Brandan Wright and Patrick O'Bryant are starting tonight!

Rookie forward Brandan Wright, who didn’t see any action on Tuesday, will get the starting nod tonight. Joining Wright in the opening rotation will be Patrick O’Bryant, who impressed nearly everyone on Tuesday with 12 rebounds and three blocks in just 19 minutes.

O’Bryant will start in place of Andris Biedrins, who will sit out tonight’s action with a sprained toe.

UPDATE 2: Warriors Win!! 119-106

Final Box Score