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Bring Kobe to the Bay? + Kobe Wants Some More "warriors"

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There's plenty of big headlines making their way around NBA circles right now like the return of OG New York Knickerbocker Allan Houston or even the Warriors finally taking home two straight W's against arch-rival and nemesis LA Lakers (see Preseason Game #1- Warriors 111, Lakers 110- Homer and the Reality Check and OPEN THREAD: Preseason Game #2 - Warriors vs Lakers)- even if it's just the preseason, we'll take it! But the biggest of them all is undoubtedly LA Lakers owner Jerry Buss saying that if the right deal presented itself he'd do his best to accommodate superstar shooting guard Kobe Bryant's high publicized trade request last Spring (it was way more entertaining than the NBA Finals, that's for sure) [AP]:

Buss recalled an offseason meeting in Barcelona when he tried to talk Bryant out of the trade request.

"He listened very carefully for 30, 45 minutes," Buss said. "I tried to explain to him how much the city of Los Angeles loved him, and that to leave 10 million sweethearts for unknown territory might not be the right thing to do. But when I was finished, he said he basically felt the same way. And I said, `OK. With that, I will proceed to see what's available."'

Buss didn't elaborate other than saying he might have acted on a trade offer that was "within reason."

"You have to get comparable value when you make a trade," Buss said. "It's very hard to trade somebody like him because people who have enough material to make it worthwhile are usually contenders and they don't want to make the trade."

Buss also said he occasionally told Bryant of certain offers, none of which he found fair to the Lakers, and acknowledged frustration at losing out to Boston for Kevin Garnett's services.

"I told him that I would try my best to accommodate his wishes, but that I could not afford to let him go unless we got comparable talent -- if there was such a thing," Buss said.

It's pretty bold and honestly shocking that Buss would publicly state that he'd trade Kobe Bryant. He's arguably the best player in the NBA and few people will argue that he's the best scorer in the league (um, 81 anyone?). I just don't see how you could ever get even 75% trade value back in terms of on court production and box office sales, especially in a shallow, star-struck locality like SoCal. Kobe is a one of a kind in every way imaginable- good and bad.

Even former MVP Steve Nash knows whassup.

I don't think I need to tell you how good Kobe is or how nuts it would be to pair him up in the backcourt with Baron Davis (The BoomBryant backcourt anyone?), so I won't. If I need to tell you, then well you probably haven't been watching the NBA since MJ retired (the first time) and you unfortunately missed that whole We Believe thing. Unfortunately for obvious reasons (the Lakers aren't going to trade a superstar like Kobe to a squad in the West, let alone the same state, who do the Warriors even have that the Lakers would want for Kobe?, etc) it'll never happen.

Still I know you'll want to make the jump to see Kobe's request for some more warrior action and a trade to the Dubs trade that actually works money-wise.

Let me get this out of the way. The Lakers will never trade Kobe Bryant to the Warriors.



But what if the Warriors' front office somehow bamboozled the Buss family and Mitch Kupchak? What if Kobe stayed true to his golden words from yesterday and demands to be traded to the Bay? From The Press-Enterprise by way of GSoM friend Rich Twu:

To Fisher, who played eight years with Bryant and won three NBA championships with him, Bryant wanted some more "warriors."

(Don't you just love how quotes out of context make for silly, but wildly entertaining reads?)

Email this one out to all your friends who are Faker fans (unfortunately we all have at least a handful) and see how pissed off they get at you:

We'll even throw in Kosta!
(This nonsensical trade wouldn't have been possible without ESPN's Trade Machine!)

We all know it'll never happen, but what's the best package you can put together for our SoCal friends to bring Kobe to the Bay? Do you see any possible way that Kobe could come to the Bay?

I should add that it looks like my preseason prediction for the second game of the Warriors-Lakers meaningless mid-October war is in full effect:

I can just see the headlines and news items on October 12th: "After suffering two straight beat downs at the hands of the Golden ones, superstar shooting guard Kobe Bryant issues a statement 'I believe! I believe! And I demand a trade to the Warriors!'"

Well maybe not exactly, but you get the point.

A goodie from our grizzled friends over at Fear the Beard: Kobe, you have been posterized