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Introducing... Adam!

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We don't like to bring this up much, but back way back in the day when we traded our old Blogspot web container Golden State Warriors BLOG for the current SBNation site the mighty Golden State of Mind, we actually netted a big time trade exception. It's actually extremely similar in value in terms of blogger currency to the one that the Warriors received when they pulled off the blockbuster Jason Richardson for Brandan Wright trade on Draft Day 2007 and received a $10 million trade exception.

Fantasy Junkie, DJ Fuzzy Logic, Hash, Yaobuttaming, and I have been brainstorming what do with the exception for close to 2 years. I won't even lie, there's been some heated debates about what we should do with it between us GSoM old-timers. We thought an easy and obvious solution would pop up when we expanded the crew this past summer, but that never happened. When Tony.psd joined the fam he suggested that we use it to buy $10 million dollars worth of poster board so that we could give away signs featuring his dope drawings to every GSoMer. It sounded like a great idea, but we honestly had no way to transport the poster board from the store to our crib, let alone enough storage space. When R Dizzle joined the crew and helped launch our Golden State of Gamers section he suggested we invest all the money in buying up hard to find Neo Geo's and TurboGrafx-16's, and then watch them increase in value over the next decade- um, no.

Only spoiled kids had these so they could brag for about 20 minutes that they had one.

These sucked so fast. Turbo x 16 to be exact.

I thought maybe we could use it to bring on some headliner blogger. Ya'll know Baron's got that blog. Brandan Wright too. So I looked at some potential players who currently make less than 10 big ones in the association. There were some good candidates, but they all had some major drawbacks.

  • TJ Ford, PG Toronto Raptors ($8,000,000): Fun player to watch, but a little too injury prone for our liking. The GSoM crew is working on a Cal Ripken-like streak, so he'd be a huge risk.
  • Eddy Curry, C New York Knicks ($8,847,543): I'd love to always have some great curry around to keep GSoMers well-fed, but I'm seriously worried this extremely big man would eat it all before we got any.
  • Jerome James, Nutritionist New York Knicks ($5,800,000): Google ads really don't bring in that much and I don't think we're budgeted for his twinkie needs- so no.
  • Drew Gooden, PF Cleveland Cavaliers ($6,400,000): I'd love to bring Gooden back home to the Bay, but I'm worried the Giants would offer him a Barry Zito-like contract to try and steal him away from us to add him to their pitching rotation.
  • Troy Murphy, PF Indiana Pacers ($9,206,349): I always liked Troy, but I'm worried his poor D is just going to be too tough to overcome given our lack of height on the GSoM team.
  • Mike Dunleavy, Bust Indiana Pacers ($8,219,008): We really need someone to revive the Funleavy Foto Fun sections, but um... I don't think so. We don't want to see comments like "Boo! Booo! Boooo!"
  • Jason Williams, PG Miami Heat ($8,937,500): White chocolate used to be one of the most entertaining players in the league, but I'm a big fan of milk chocolate. I keep it brown.
  • Brian Cardinal, Janitor Memphis Grizzlies ($5,850,000): During one of the dark years I actually heard a fellow Warrior fan say that the Warriors need to build around Brian Cardinal. I'm worried adding him to the crew might result in some more delusional projections, so we'll pass.
  • Manu Ginobili, Flopper San Antonio Spurs ($9,075,000): Even though I can't stand watching him play he's a very solid player. I just thought if we added him to the crew he'd be a big flop.
  • Boris Diaw, FC Phoenix Suns ($9,000,000): Diaw's multi-skilled and seems to have quite a following, but I heard he only blogs in French. GSoM is big in the USA, Latvia, China, and India, but even with Mickael Pietrus being one of the longest tenured Warriors we really haven't caught on in France yet. Maybe it's all those Tony Parker jokes? (see HOT or NOT: Rapping Ballers? and YouTube Tuesday: My Rhymes Is Better. (And Haiku's don't rhyme!))
  • Ron Artest, Badboy Sacrapmento Kings ($7,800,000): I've wanted him on the Warriors for over 2 seasons now, but Warrior-Pacer games already have way too many great storylines to cover. Plus I'm worried about what those barbarians in the Palace of Auburn Hills would do to Ron-Ron and Jax if they were throwing up that W together. Still, it ain't easy saying no to Artest.

After doing hours of research and endless debates while sippin' that Hyphy Juice there was only one candidate that stood out from the rest and was in our eyes Unstoppable Baby!

Thank god my fridge is stacked with these.

He hails from the Bay and even managed to make it through 7 years of living close to the cold and mean streets of my "favorite" place in the world Boston, Massachusetts. You all know his work well from his critically acclaimed Warriors fan blog Fast Break for the San Jose Mercury and even the ear-pleasing online radio show Warriorscast. You've also seen his guest spots on our 2k6-2k7 GSoM Warrior Report Cards.

My golden peoples put your foam fingers together and make some Roarcle type noise for our man...

Adam Lauridsen!

Everyone's feeling this GSoM pickup!

I think it's safe to say that there isn't one person out there who questions our use of the $10 million trade exception. Adam's worth every penny.

Ron-Ron would've been an interesting addition to the GSoM crew,
but Adam's simply just a better rapper than him.
(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Adam will be dropping science weekly at GSoM with his column Golden Break.

Bolder than a coffee break and even more fun than a hot cocoa break... it's Golden Break!
(Credit the man himself Tony.psd for the logo hotness.)

I've even heard through the grapevine (his agent) that if you see to it that his forthcoming Hip Hop album pushes more units than Ron-Ron's non-quadruple platinum selling album My World, Adam will even get up in the legendary GSoM Preview and Recap rotation. I guarantee you that Adam's column here on GSoM will be more than worth its weight in gold... or make that digital gold.

Golden Break's more bling than this $8,000 MacBook Pro!

Keep this on the down low, but I've been working with Adam in the gym for countless hours in preparation for this upcoming season on GSoM to add some low post moves to bolster his scoring arsenal. He is going to solve all the problems we've been having in the low post for over two years in addition to dropping science on the regular. When you see the man in action this season on GSoM you'll realize that we got a bonafide superstar worth every penny of that trade exception.

Please give our newest member of the GSoM crew a golden welcome in the comments!