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GSoF: Week 5 Recap and Week 6 Picks

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Week 5 Recap!

Monday Night Miracles do happen? How can a man throw 5 INTs and then pull off a W?

Dilfer sucks.

The Chargers found some life last week and DOMINATED the Broncos. Is that enough to bring them back to be Super Bowl contenders?

The Packers finally got beat!

BlauGold went amazing 12-2 last week and scored the highest Ballhype score within the GSoM Community for the Week 5 NFL picks! BlauGold- hit us up through e-mail to claim your Baron Davis poster with the e-mail address that you registered with at Ball Hype/ GSoM.

Hit up my Week 6 Predictions after the click!


Week 6 Matchups  
Vikings (1-3) @
Bears (2-3)
The Bears pulled off a nice upset last week against the Pack, and everyone on the team feels like they've turned a corner and are now ready to start winning again.
Dolphins (0-5) @
Browns (2-3)
Things aren't looking well for the Dolphins...
Redskins (3-1) @
Packers (4-1)
Betcha no one at the beginning of the season would have thought this game was going to be a good one. Favre will rebound!
Texans (3-2) @
Jaguars (3-1)
I'll give it to the Texans - they know how to pull of last second wins. But can they pull off a win against a team that has a versatile running game?
Bengals (1-3) @
Chiefs (2-3)
The Bengals need this if they want to turn around their season. Here's the key fellas - stop LJ!
Titans (3-1) @
Buccanneers (3-2)
I feel the curse coming in this one...
Rams (0-5) @
Ravens (3-2)
The Rams are a mess...
Eagles (1-3) @
Jets (1-4)
So much for the Eagles hittin up the Super Bowl...maybe they can get above 5 wins?
Carolina (3-2) @
Cardinals (3-2)
Both of these team's have QB problems galore. Vinny Testaverde and Tim Rattay? Really? Desperate times! Fun Fact: Vinny Testaverde won the Heisman Trophy at Miami the same year rookie Dwayne Jarrett was born!
Patriots (5-0) @
Cowboys (5-0)
Game of the Week! How often do you get to see two 5-0 teams go head to head? I'm going with the Pats cause they cheat!
Saints (0-4) @
Seahawks (3-2)
Stupid Seahawks...
Giants (3-2) @
Falcons (1-4)
Why is this a Monday Night Game?

Some Tony.psd flavor in ya ear!


Golden State of Football
Raiders (2-2) @
Chargers (2-3)
Defining moment for the Raiders. The Chargers are coming off an insane win against the Broncos and the Raiders are coming off of a bye week. As LT says, the Chargers are starting to "find themselves" (I didn't think a 14-2 team could lose that) but I still have that the Inferno is burning! On Sunday night we're going to see the headlines - Raiders #1 in the AFC West!

Teams with Byes - Colts, Bills, 49ers, Steelers, Broncos, Lions

Who's going to win the Cowboys-Patriots game? Got faith in the Raiders?

Go to Ballhype and throw down your predictions!.

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.