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Preseason Game #3- Warriors 89, Clippers 99- You Didn't Miss Much

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First thing's first. It was wonderful being back at the Roaracle Arena after so many months. That place will always feel unBELIEVABLE to me. It started out as a fine, fine day indeed as my man Hash noted, but after a few minutes into the game it really felt like one of those lazy Sundays where you're just fighting that itch to take a nap.

Preview/ Open Thread (70+ comments)

Preseason Game #3 - Warriors 89, Clippers 99 - Welcome Home Boys!

The best part of the game was Warrior fan player hater Mike Dunleavy Sr. getting T-ed up
within the first few minutes. It's the preseason!

Final Box Score

Tonight's game wasn't televised or broadcast on radio in the Bay Area. For those of you who couldn't hear or listen to the game tonight and couldn't make it out to Oakland, don't worry at all. You didn't miss much. I keep harping (at nauseam) how meaningless the preseason is, so I won't waste too much of your time delving into the many negatives from this game. It wasn't pretty.

Make the jump for a few notes on the game.

Thank god this game doesn't count.

Warrior Killas

  • As soon as Corey Maggette pulled off his warmup I told Hash that the Clips' swingman was going to get to the free throw line at least 10 times tonight. This guy just owns the Warriors. Maggette's like a one man wrecking crew against the Dubs, just pounding the ball and taking it strong to the rack at every opportunity. It's amazing how many fouls he can draw so quickly and how efficient he is at the charity stripe. It seems like every single time the Warriors face the Clippers they make Maggette look like a superstar. He's good, but not this good. Well the good news for everyone aside from Clip fans is that Coach Dunleavy will probably let his personal drama with Maggette cloud his vision and barely play him this season.
  • Ruben Patterson has always been a solid player in the NBA, but he should never be going for 19 and 11 on you. The Warriors made him look like a man among boys.
  • I thought Elton Brand was out with an injury till midseason. When did he change his name to Al Thornton? 18 points in the second quarter? Are you kidding me? Seriously though, good luck to Elton Brand in his recovery and props to this rook. He's got a bright future.

Warrior Killa #12.


  • The Warriors simply couldn't handle the rock tonight. It's like they had 5 Erick Dampiers dribbling the ball and passing it around on the court at the same time. From the high dribbling to the poor decision making, it just wasn't very fun to watch. When you end up with more turnovers (23) than assists (19), something's not right.

There's a few things wrong with this picture.
How many can you name?

  • Shooting Blanks. For the most part I didn't have much of a problem with the Warriors' shot selection tonight. There were a lot of good looks- even many wide open looks- but they just didn't go in. The boxscore says the Warriors shot 32.9% from the field and 20.0% from the 3pt line, but if you were there it felt like they were shooting much, much worse than that. I'm surprised (and relieved) the final shooting percentages ended up being that high.

Oh they were shooting it.
It just wasn't going in.

  • Good lord there was a ton of fouling going on tonight. Hopefully this doesn't continue when the games actually count. POB picked up 5 fouls in less than 8 minutes of play, which is really too bad because I like what I saw from him when he wasn't doing a one minute man impersonation. He really looks like he's hungry out there. Major props to The Notorious P.O.B. I'm really pulling for him to shock everyone (including me) this season.

Less fouling and more of this please!

This too!

  • Charmin' Soft. Aside from a few plays by POB the Warriors really had no chance in the paint. The rebounding disparity was pretty embarrassing (34 to the Clips' 45).
  • I really think the Warriors are going to regret not signing Brevin Knight as a backup point guard. I love his smarts, vet savvy, court vision, and thievery on defense. I've always thought this Stanford product in his prime could've had a shot at being an elite PG at the NBA level if he had a better jumper. I don't know if his veteran legs could handle the Warriors' run and gun, but I would've love to see him get a shot here.
  • Why did Pat Burke get so much playing time? I wish him all the best, but I'm pretty shocked he's still on the Warriors' roster. I'm not a big fan of him playing nearly 7 minutes more than Brandan Wright. I don't have a clue why he played nearly 20 minutes when he did so little to justify the court time. My money is on Burke being cut and Wright being sent down to the DLeague. Burke is not in the Warriors' long terms plans (god, I hope not), but Wright is. Let's see what the young man has before he gets sent down to the NBDL.

Do The Wright Thing and give Brandan more PT in the preseason!

But my friends say it with me in unison- MEANINGLESS! Well at least I'm going to keep telling myself that and rest easy tonight. The Warriors are far from perfect, but I'd like to believe and I'm hoping they aren't this bad come October 30th. Cross your foam fingers and Thunder slippers...

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Photos: Rocky Widner (NBAE via Getty Images), Ben Margot (AP)