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RECAP: Opening Our Season Tickets!

What a wonderful day it was a couple Thursdays ago, actually one of the greatest days ever! A new episode of Grey's Anatomy was on soon, Cleveland had just pounded the Yankees in Game 1, and most importantly, our Warriors season tickets had arrived.

What you got in that package there Fantasy Junkie?

Atma can't help contain himself!

I had planned on doing a recap of tonight's game but I got stuck at work until 7:30 and couldn't make it out there to use our season tickets. I haven't even sat in our seats yet so I was dying to go check them out. Alas, I'll have to wait until the real season starts up to enjoy them. My recap would have been solely based on the boxscore which can be misleading in preseason games because stats are sometimes inflated. So instead of a typical recap of the Warriors vs Zalgiris Kaunas, I'd like to recap the exciting moments Atma and I experienced opening our season tickets for the first time.

Like most of you, our package of season tickets arrived last week. But unlike some of you, this is our first year being season ticket holders. First off, we'd like to say thank you to all of you for helping us achieve our goal - making enough money from the site to be able to purchase a pair of Golden State Warriors season tickets to share with all of you. It took us almost 2 years, but we finally did it. These aren't nosebleed seats either folks, we are now able to share with you some lower bowl tickets. Atma and I are working out how we'll give away some of these tix. Right now we're considering giving out tickets to whoever is the best at groveling, sucking up to us, and showering us with praise. That sounds about right. Just kidding. We're working on a fair way to do it. Trust us.

Again, thank you so much for allowing us to take this once small community and build it up into something great. We appreciate each and every one of you who come to visit even if you don't leave comments (although we'd love it if everyone did). We've kept to our core philosophy of maintaining a FUN site and community full of basketball analysis, rumors, news, humor and more. At the same time, we do our best to keep this site clean and family friendly so that, as we say in Warrior-land, everyone has a great time out. We've stuck to it, and have now been rewarded nicely.

But that's not all, you have to expect your boys at GSoM to document this momentous occasion with a little odd bit of humor/ nerdiness. Find out after the jump...

FJ and Thunder celebrating

We carefully set the box down on the table making sure that the contents inside were not disturbed. Before we know it, Thunder and Thunder Jr. are running up to the table staring at the box already knowing what was inside. But without fingers or access to sharp objects neither could open the box.

Thunder and Thunder Jr. excitedly wait for Atma and I to open the package...

Using my massive muscles, I rip open the box.

After I rip open the package, I was shaking too much from excitement to pull anything out of it. Anxious to see what was inside and too impatient for me to settle down, Atma took the package and began to pull out the contents of the FedEx box.

Atma pulls out the goodies that await us

With schoolgirl screams, both Atma and I can't contain our exhilaration for what was actually happening as we reached inside and began to empty the contents of the box. Out came Warriors season tickets AND a new school backpack with a Warriors logo on it. Hotness indeed. We even got a personal note from Warriors president Robert Rowell aka Clown #2. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside that he'd personally send us a note. I mean, send a note to two guys who have called him and Chris Cohan clowns for running one of the least successful franchises in the league and then having the nerve to raise ticket prices. But a personal letter, is a nice gesture.

After checking out all of the insides of the package and flipping through all the tickets in our season ticket booklet, we decided to celebrate with Thunder and Thunder Jr by trying on the backpack and checking out which games we'll be excited to go to.

Trying out the backpack

Again, thank you for all your support over the past 2 years, we couldn't have got these tickets without you. So over the course of the season, be on the lookout for opportunities to win some of these tickets to games.

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