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YouTube Tuesday: Meaningful Meaninglessness

Okay okay okay. It’s all meaningless.

But the fact of the matter is it’s all that we have until sweet, delicious GSoM Night (shameless plug) lands. And while the preseason is meaningless in terms of the win/loss column, it is a very small amount of time where coaches can safely test out the capacity of their players without adversely affecting their team record.

These few weeks, Nellie will be subbing in tons of bench players in a number of odd situations to see if any of them can live up to the moment. While it’s not exactly the Playoffs, it’s a scenario with all of the bells and whistles of a real game. Lights, Cheering, Announcing, Cameras, that one drunk guy who keeps cheering at the wrong time; it’s all there.

So maybe the moment below isn’t as meaningless as it seems. As a squad that has exactly established itself as a 4th quarter team, we can use a few more moments like this as the year unfolds.

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