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GSoM Fantasy Hoops is Back!

Last year's prize

We're back for another season in the GSoM Fantasy Hoops League. There are only about 10 days left until the start of the regular season, so you better hurry up and get your team. There are 2 seasons per NBA season. It's broken up into 2 parts, pre and post All-Star break. The league is a salary cap league so everyone has access to the same players. Just pick 6 guys, 2 guards, 2 forwards, 1 center, and 1 6th man. The total of their salaries has to be below $35 million. Over the course of the season, player salaries will go up and down daily depending on the demand for their services. Players that play a lot of games per week or are underpaid according to their performance are usually players that jump in value. With the change in salaries, your salary cap will also go up and down, hopefully only up. With a salary cap league, any number of people can join and that's why this is fun. Every single member of the GSoM community can take part and compete.

There's one major changes this year from last year. You cannot buy trades, the league just won't let you. I've created a "basic" league which does not allow people to buy trades. You can only use the 2 trades per week that the Sporting News gives you. This will cut down on any cheating that went on last year where people might have bought trades creating an unfair advantage. So this year, all you get is the 2 free trades per week and that's it. The rest of the time, you have to use your fantasy smarts to win.

You must have a Sporting News account to participate. Once you have that, just join the league, enter your team name as your screen name here, fill out your roster, and prepare to get beat down by me.

Sign up, join in on the fun, and let the trash talk begin.

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