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GSoM Night 2: Unveling the T-shirt

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800 tickets sold = 800 free GSoM Night 2 t-shirts

Thanks to Tony.psd we have a t-shirt that is off the hook! It took some negotiating with the Warriors marketing department to get the shirt the way it is. We went back and forth multiple times on the design. We nailed down the design, picked out the colors (orange shirt with blue print), and got the shirts to the printing press. I haven't actually seen the shirts in person, but they have been ordered. Check out the design:

Let me take some time to answer some questions people have had about the shirts:

  • Can I buy the shirt?
    Unfortunately, no. We're keeping it as a limited edition shirt and I'm not sure the Warriors would let us sell it anyways.
  • Will there be extras?
    Again, no, there won't be any extras to hand out. The first 800 people to buy tickets to GSOM Night 2 will be getting a coupon in the mail to redeem for a t-shirt. You should have already received your GSoM Night 2 ticket package from Chris.
  • What size are the shirts?
    We went with all XL, just like the We Believe shirts during last year's playoffs. It was too difficult to judge how many M, L, or XL's we needed, so we got a shirt that will fit most everyone.
  • Should I wear it at the game?
    Yes. No matter what happens, wear it at the game because there will be 799 other people with the same shirt wearing it at the game. Solidarity brother.

We have a special treat too. We got one of the players to try it on for us to see how it looked. You'll have to hit the Read More link to find out who.

At a recent Warriors game, Matt Barnes had a pre-release version of shirt on during warm-ups. It looks good doesn't it? Now for some more Tony.psd fun.

Big thanks to Tony.psd for coming up with the design and going through multiple iterations of it. And thanks to Matt Barnes for modeling the shirt at a recent preseason game.