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Warriors Fill up Camp Roster with an MVP, Blogger, and Dunk Contest Champion!

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Being a NBA hopeful is nice when you're trying out for the Warriors.  

The summer league digs don't quite compare to the business trip to Hawai'i that Tierre Brown, Pat Burke, and Carlos Powell will be making in the upcoming weeks.  I guess it's more of an interview, really.  The Warriors signed these three NBA hopefuls, with Powell the only returning summer leaguer invited to camp this fall.  

Here's some information I was able to dig up about these guys:

Apparently, Tierre Brown is MVP... that is, the MVP of the NBDL back in 2004.  Given Nelson's track record at finding talent at good prices (Kelenna Azubuike), perhaps Brown might be that blue light special for this season.

Brown's game reminds me a lot of'll see why.

Pat Burke and Andris Biedrins have much in common as far as the NBA goes.  Like Biedrins, Burke is the first from his country to play in the NBA.  Also, as the 12th man of the Phoenix Suns last season, he seemed to fill in the duties of Paul Shirley, yet with an very un-Paul Shirley like writing style, providing a public diary.  

Burke has held his own against all-stars, in practice at least...

I couldn't really find too many crazy things about Carlos Powell, besides the fact that he hails from New Zealand.  Supposedly Jerry West thought the dude could score off the dribble well and throw down tight dunks (though not necessarily in those words).  Fun fact: Powell was the leading scorer in Australia's NBL, putting up over 28 points per game last season AND winning the dunk contest during their all-star weekend. Further, he got some burn in with a Ukrainian team after his brief summer league stop.  In the words of B-legit, he's "so international!"

Is there any free agents you wish the Warriors had invited but didn't?  Are you relieved that Toby Bailey will not, as of now, be suiting up in a Warrior's uniform?  

In other news, Air France skipped out on the Warriors' media day, apparently with no travel plans to leave his home country of France as of now, with hopes of the Warriors working out a sign and trade deal that will land him that mid level exception.  Though Janny Hu claims that in all likelyhood Pietrus will probably resign for the the $3.47 qualifying offer and be in Hawai'i when camp starts.

Much thanks to Pree for reporting this earlier in his diary, Tierre Brown, Pat Burke, and Carlos Powell Invited to Camp.  See for the on-going discussion!

Update [2007-10-2 2:11:5 by dj fuzzylogic]: Five Ten Entertainment reports in his diary that the Warriors have in fact resigned Pietrus though the terms have not be disclosed. Thanks to Five Ten Entertainment and the rest of the GSoM community for circulating tips and news!

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