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Call him "International BOOM"!

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We all know what Baron Davis did last summer.

Davis has joined the blogging world!  Apparently, Davis spent the summer globe trottin' visiting everywhere and hanging out with everyone and their mamas.  Complete coveragehere, YA DIGG???

Yao and Boom (not 'got dem dos') hooked up during the summer and put some money in the bank!

Name dropping aside in this first post (more shout outs than a rap song), apparently the dude even has Yao Ming's phone number.  Or maybe he should be lucky Yao Ming even has his?

In September, I hit China for a minute, with my new BFF LOL!!! Steve Nasty Nash. Nash and Yao had a charity event there, we raised over $2.5 million! Nash is one of the coolest guys I've met in the league Big shout out!!! I Hope Y'all lose every game, oooohhh!!! Shout out to Barbosa, my new young homie, and my bro Melo of course!!! ENOUGH NAME DROPPING, Y'ALL KNOW I KNOW THEM!!! The food and people were amazing…. YAO is Superman in China!!! I love the Chinese people, We hit up Beijing, forbidden city…oooohhh! I think Yi is gonna be dope!!! Video of the trip to come, stay tuned!!!

Gotta love all the enthusiasm (as you'll see, every sentence ends with at least two exclamation marks...) that brings on and off the court.  Interesting to note is the love for China.  Take that sensationalist 'occidental' reporting on China and their supposed dangerously threatening food safety standards!  You heard it from the man himself: Chinese food is "Amazing!"  If you haven't tried it already, you need to go out and get some today!  

If you and Baron Davis were to go get some Chinese food, which place would you recommend?

Also, see Five Ten Entertainment for dropping his diary earlier, Baron Davis' Blog