Baron Davis: NOT opting-out

Multiple sources are reporting from media day interviews that Baron Davis, contrary to what he said to the Boston Globe, is not going to exercise his player option to become an unrestricted free agent.

He had previously said that he wanted a contract extension by training camp or else he would hit the open market.

According to the SF Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins:

It's a bit too early to start talking about feathery half-court shots or punishing slam dunks over Andrei Kirilenko, but Baron Davis made a huge statement Monday without leaving his Media Day chair.

Asked if he still planned to exercise the opt-out clause in his contract with the Warriors next summer, Davis said, quite simply, "No."

It's the sensible way to go - really, the only way Davis realistically could assess his status with the organization - but it wasn't what we were hearing last week. In an interview with the Boston Globe, Davis said he'd be disappointed if the Warriors didn't work out an extension before the start of training camp, and that he'd already be on next year's free-agent market, in his mind, if they failed to do so.

Tim Kawakami also had an article on a Q and A with Biddy:

Q: You were quoted recently in the Boston Globe saying that if you didn't get an extension by now, you'd definitely opt-out. You haven't gotten an extension, are you definitely opt-ing out next summer?

DAVIS: No. I've got two more years on my deal. I'm in a position here where I think we can do some great things. I just want to lead this team. The season's started now and my whole concentration and focus is on making us a better team than we were last year.

Q: So are you disappointed that you didn't get an extension?

DAVIS: You know what? That's not... There isn't really anything to comment on. When it happens it'll happen. I'm confident this is an organization that has had a track record of taking care of players that they want.

My job right now is to get this team off to the right track and just really concentrate on the season.

Q: Have the Warriors treated you fairly?

DAVIS: Hey man, of course. Of course. I've got two years left. I make a lot of money. There's no reason for me to complain. I'm here. My contract states that I'm here. There's really no reason to talk about the contract situation.

The quote in Boston, that was totally off-guard. At the same time, sometimes you say things and you get caught up-we were having a lot of fun-and forget that it was going into the paper. [Boldface added - OZ]


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