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Lil' Dubz go Trick or Treatin'!

"They're back and all dressed up for Halloween!"

Halloween's just around the corner and it's only right to get our Lil' Dubz dressed up and ready to go out on that Trick or Treat tip! A lot of these idea's were inspired by GSoM regulars posting look-a-like renditions of their favorite Warriors past and present.  I took a stab at giving Baron that "Spartan" treatment and Stephen "Captain" Jackson that "Pirate look". I had to break off a cartooned edition of Belinelli rockin' the Rambo threads and Notorious P.O.B too. That was all a given. But as for Sarunas sporting "Hamburglar" gear, it popped in my head when I was drawing the Chris Mullin' Burger.

I just wanted to have fun with this- here's an early Happy Halloween from Tony.psd and GSoM!

There's more after the jump as I break down this week's line up...

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