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YouTube Tuesday: Yoga Dunk!

Remember back in the day when you were playing Street Fighter II at your local Arcade/7-11/Donut Shop? Some random kid would approach the machine and do one of two things.

1) Ask if it was okay to join in on the game. This was a display of proper Street Fighter II etiquette. Ninety-nine percent of the time you would say "Yes" anyways, it was just nice that you were asked.
2) They’d drop a quarter in without asking right before you were about to nail Bison with his final hit in the second round. Horrendous.

On rare occasions, the challenger would head straight for Dhalsim and select him. At that point you knew you were in trouble. (Especially if you had a character who couldn’t throw projectiles.) See if the kid actually knew how to use Dhalsim, he could usually cause a world of damage to you from the safety of the other side of the screen. I mean c’mon; the man could kick and punch the entire length of the screen!

Now in no way am I saying that Dhalsim was the cheesiest character in Street Fighter II. (An honor reserved for Cheese Li herself) I’m merely pointing out that there was a bit of unfairness in Dhalsim’s reach and that I sucked so bad at Street Fighter II that I was unable to find one of the possibly many ways to prevent these cross country long-arm attacks.

At least Lithuania knows how I feel.

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