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OPEN THREAD: Preseason Game #6 - Warriors vs. Sonics

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Warriors (W-L): 3-2 (preseason)

Sonics (W-L): 1-4

Time: 7:00 PM PST (KNBR 1050)

Warriors. Meet Kevin Durant. Durant, meet the Golden State Warriors. Excellent. Now you boys play nicely!

Well after 2 preseason losses in a row to the Los Angeles Clippers and the San Antonio Snores, the Dubs are headed to Seattle to face the Kevin Durant. Apparently the rest of the Sonics are showing up as well but no one really cares.

Since the game is totally meaningless (getting sick of that yet?) and I wasted most of my creative juices today writing about getting whooped in Street Fighter II as a child, allow me to take some time to educate you all on some facts about the city of Seattle.

Fact #1: Seattle's official nickname is the "Emerald City," the result of a contest held in the early 1980s to designate a new nickname for the city. Shouldn't nicknames be earned? Holding a contest is like the kid in school who wanted to be cool so bad that he told people to call him "Slash". He usually ended up with any nickname but "Slash". And they weren't ones that he would have chosen.

Fact #2: Contrary to popular belief, the Space Needle is neither the tallest structure in Seattle nor is it in Downtown. This misconception results from the Space Needle often being photographed from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill, where it is closer to the viewer than are the downtown skyscrapers. (see photo below)


FOOLS! Unfamiliar with Forced Perspective!


* Warriors by 7.
* Durant demands a trade to the Warriors.
* Belinelli drains 4 or more from downtown.

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UPDATE 2 [Atma Brother #1]: Live Box Score from

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UPDATE 4 {Fantasy Junkie]: Warriors win 126-122

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