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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs. Clippers -- Preseason Game #7

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Warriors (W-L): 4-2 (preseason)

Clippers (W-L): 4-3

Time: 7:30 PM PST (KNBR 1050)

Nellie's announcement of the starting lineup last week was a strange turn of events, further cementing his unofficial moniker as "the joker."  But things get even weirder this week.  Maybe it's because we're getting close to Halloween? Anyway, things get even cookier as we hear that Nellie is going to sit ALL the starters...

...for tonights final pre-season game versus the Los Angeles Clippers that is.

Baron Davis, Andris Biedrins -- your new internet blog buddy, and Kelenna Azubuike will sit for this evenings game allowing Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis some extra burn.  

Perhaps this is an opportunity for the second team to get a chance to gel together on the courts.  Or perhaps this might be an opportunity for us to get a better look at, Al Thorton, who's been lighting it up -- on the offensive end at least -- during this preseason (who I also thought was going to be a bust but now think is perhaps the ROY), creating a better wing combo with Corey Maggette than anything Wing Stop has to offer (bu-dum-ching).  On that note, they just opened a new Wing Stop down at Pacific Commons in Fremont for all you Wing Stop fans (or is that super old news?).  

At any rate, who cares about this game...its all about GSoM Nite II at the Warriors' home opener!  See you all there!


* Warriors by 11

* Monta only has 5 turnover this game to go with his 19 points

* Frankie Munoz is in attendance, but since he is less relevant now, doesn't get to sit courtside anymore.

Update [Atma Brother #1]: Warriors win their final preseason game 109 to 103.

Final Box Score

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