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GSoF: Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Picks

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Week 8 baby!

I lost a lot of respect for the Patriots last week. What was the point of bringing Brady off the bench? And why is Boston becoming the city of sports? Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics?

Things aren't too sunny in the Bay for football fans...

49ers and Giants.

Raiders and Chiefs

tut123408 must have some ridiculous time machine cause he hit up the highest Ballhype score within the GSoM Community for the third time! Back to back! Next week I'll tally up the leaderboards but, I'm gonna make the assumption that tut123408 is in the top three! Tut123408 - hit us up through e-mail and we'll figure out something to send to ya!

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Week 8 Matchups  
Lions (4-2) @
Bears (3-4)
Wait wait, the Lions are still #2 in the NFC North? Talk about a turn around! I see them pullin out a 5th win on this one!
Steelers (4-2) @
Bengals (2-4)
Honestly, no one can blame Chad for the Bengals poor play this year. Their defense is collapsing on all fronts and it doesn't look like they'll be able to stop Willie Parker or the deep WR group of the Steelers.
Giants (5-2) @
Dolphins (0-7)
Are the Dolphins soon to be the first winless team?
Eagles (2-4) @
Vikings (2-4)
The season is over for the losing team.
Browns (3-3) @
Rams (0-7)
The Browns are thinking playoffs? What?
Colts (6-0) @
Panthers (4-2)
Vinny Testaverde did NOT look 43 last week as he threw for 206 yards and a 65 yard TD to Steve Smith locking down a W against the Cardinals. Do they have the firepower to give the Colts their first loss?
Texans (3-4) @
Chargers (3-3)
Things are red hot in San Diego in more ways than one. Good news - the Chargers now have Chris Chambers and are 2nd in the AFC West. Bad news - the wildfires have caused many in SD to evacuate their homes, including 18 players on the team. The game is still going to be played in SD, and with all the emotion in the area is going to guarantee the burning Chargers another victory! Our thoughts go to all those in San Diego affected by the fires.
Jaguars (4-2) @
Buccaneers (4-3)
Garrard and team morale is down after the crushing loss to the Colts. Time for the Bucs to capitalize!
Bills (2-4) @
Jets (1-6)
The people in New York are the only ones that care about this game.
Redskins (4-2) @
Patriots (7-0)
The Redskins have a much better defense than the Dolphins, but even that can't stop the Pats. By the way, the Patiots are a dirty, unsportsmanlike team. I don't care about records or about 6 TDs - what was the point of blowing out one of the worst teams in the NFL? They had last week's game over the Dolpins long before the 3rd quarter started - shouldn't they have just benched Brady and Moss?
Packers (5-1) @
Broncos (3-3)
First win for the Pack in the Mile High Stadium?

Some Tony.psd flavor in ya ear!


Golden State of Football
Raiders (2-4) @
Titans (4-2)
8 Field Goals in a game? Are you kidding? That's how the Titans win? Either way, this might be a tough win for the Raiders, but they can still pull through!
Saints (2-4) @
49ers (2-4)
No one would have thought these teams were going to be 2-4 at this point. The difference - the Saints are coming off 2 straight wins and the 9ers are coming off 4 straight losses. Remember last year when these two teams met? I'm looking forward to another exciting game by Cali's finest, Reggie Bush

Teams with Byes - Chiefs, Falcons, Cowboys, Cardinals, Seahawks, and Ravens

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