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GSoM Fantasy Hoops: 2 Days Until We Start

The start of the NBA regular season is almost here and that means 2 things. 1) GSoM Night 2 is almost here and 2) GSoM Fantasy Hoops is back. Fantasy hoops was a lot of fun last year, and right now with around 100 teams signed up, it looks like it will be a lot of fun once again. The league is a salary cap league so everyone has access to the same players. Just pick 6 playes: 2 guards, 2 forwards, 1 center, and 1 6th man. The total of their salaries has to be below $35 million. You are given 2 trades per week to move players in and out. If you don't use the trades in that particular week, they accumulate, so don't feel the need to use them if you don't have to. Last year I didn't finish so well so I'm looking to fix that this year and finish by winning one of the prizes below.

Most of us would do this for free anyways, but now, Tony.psd has offered up some of his artwork as a prize. The 3 teams with the highest point value at the end of season 1 can each pick one of his many pieces of art to be printed out and mailed to you. He's got a ton of work on the site, so you won't have any trouble finding one you like. The only problem will be choosing between them all.

There's not much time left, so if you want a team, you better hurry up!. Sign up, join in on the fun, and let the trash talk begin.

The team that will win it all after the jump...

I was looking to pick my team quickly, but that didn't work out so well. After the hour or so I spent browsing players and salaries trying to figure out who might be worth a spot on my team, I realized that I'm still a fantasy junkie, just not as good at it anymore after my hiatus from baseball and football this year. Anyways, just for fun, here's my team. Feel free to share or not share yours.

Guard 1: Jason Kidd ($10.2 mil)
I get the super point booster for living in the same area as where he grew up. Actually, I just love his game and the massive amounts of points he brings in. Plus the Nets are playing 7 games in the first 2 weeks. Crossing my fingers for some of his famous triple-doubles.

Guard 2: Anthony Johnson ($1.5 mil)
This guy has been around for awhile so it's not like he's going to suddenly be great. I also don't like the fact that ATL doesn't play until Nov 2 while most teams start by Oct 31. I'm losing out on 3 days worth of games. But he's the starting PG, for now (crossing my fingers it stays that way) on the Hawks. He should post decent numbers for someone who's only 1.5 mil.

Forward 1: Carlos Boozer ($9.6 mil)
The Jazz play 8 games in the first 2 weeks and 12 in the first 3. Plus Boozer plays the Warriors twice and we all saw what a beast he was in last year's playoffs. I can't stand the guy, but he should look good on my team.

Forward 2: Drew Gooden ($6.1 mil)
Again, I get the super point booster for living in the same area where he grew up. He's solid and worth every penny of that 6.1 million. Having the Cavs play 8 games in the first 2 weeks doesn't hurt either.

Center: Al Harrington ($5.0 mil)
Al at Center? I'll take it for only 5 million. Had he only been listed at forward, I don't think he's worth the 5 million. But he should outproduce the 5 million price tag. Plus it's more realistic that he plays center rather than PF.

6th man: Kelenna Azubuike ($2.5 mil)
C'mon, the starting small forward on the Warriors? Fuhggetaboutit (or however you spell it, I'm not Italian haha). If he continues to start on the Dubs, he'll easily outplay his salary and will probably boost my salary cap higher and higher.

So that's it. I reserve the right to change this team because I'll probably fiddle with it before game time on Tuesday.

  • I'm also considering Jameer Nelson and Luis Scola, but have to figure out how to get them in here.
  • I'd love to get D. Howard a chance in here but his price tag is high.
  • Teams with 8 games in the first 2 weeks: UTA, CLE, DEN, and NO. I tried to get some players from those teams but had trouble fitting them in here. You might see some more on my team by Tuesday.
  • And hopefully you know I was kidding about the super point booster for Kidd and Gooden. If not, you must be a newbie.
Anyways, good luck this season and feel free to share your team.

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