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The W Column: Counting W's for Week 1

This year over at The W Column for FSN Bay Area we'll be doing a fresh new Counting W's segment where we'll try to play Miss Cleo (minus the funky headwrap) and predict how things will go down for the Warriors every week. You can join in on the fun by posting your weekly predictions in the comments or making your picks on Ballhype in the NBA Games section. Make sure to head on over to The W Column to check my predictions for the first week.


We'll aim to get these out on Monday mornings. It's an even more fun and infinitely more healthy way to get your week started off right than some McGriddle cakes from Mickey D's! Speaking of WackDonalds, here's some good ol' classics from Aaron McGruder of The Boondocks fame:

I'd Hit It

Drop It If It's Hot

What are your Week 1 predictions for the Dubs?

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