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The GSoM-Franco Finn Interview Trilogy, Part I

We here at GSoM are always trying to break you off with the hotness and this time around we thought who else could speak to the ins and outs of the bay area and the Warriors than Warriors' "hypeman" Franco Finn!

No one knows "hype" like Franco Finn

We had the honor of talking to Franco (you can call him "freestyle" too) Finn, the man who plays an integral part in getting the party started every night at the Roaracle. Franco's energy and enthusiasm reverberates throughout the arena and with every fan, ensuring that every game is "a great time out!" With the Warriors home opener (aka GSoM Nite II) just a few days away, Franco took some time out of his schedule to break bread with the GSoM family, giving us the 411 on the the mysteries of Don Nelson, which Warrior was voted one of the sexiest players in the NBA, who inspires him on a day to day basis, and where to find him weekly!

Shout out to The Cheesecake Factor of Union Square for hosting our interview and giving us the VIP booth (that explains the non-stop clanking of kitchenware in the background).  Below is part 1; check back in the next few days for more Franco Finn fun (we love alliterations at GSoM)!  Click on links below for each downloadable segment of this interview trilogy!

Franco Finn Interview Part 1: Find out about Franco's pre and in-game routines, what goes into preparing for the show, and more Nellie antics!

Much thanks again Franco Finn for sharing your time.  See you at GSoM Night II!

(Franco loves meeting new fans! If you want to give him a shout, feel free to contact him @

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