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We forgot to ask at Warriors Media Day 2k7...

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By now I'm sure you peeped all of the blowout GSoM coverage of Media Day the Warriors held this past Monday. Our man Fantasy Junkie was in attendance at the event to talk shop with the players right before they made the trek out to Hawaii for Training Camp and the two preseason games against the LA Fakers (see Warriors 2k7-2k8: It's Training Camp Time! for the full schedule).

Boom Blogging | The Yi Movement

(Original photos by Robert Hanashiro, USA Today
Definitly check out their Media Day Photo Gallery narrated by Matt Barnes)

Thanks again to the Warriors for inviting us to the event. Next year let's do it at my place- I'll bring the orange soda and food from Pakwan!

Because we were so busy giving the fellas tips on how to shoot free throws at Media Day, we didn't get a chance to ask all of the questions we had planned. I thought rather than let them go to waste I'd share them with ya'll in the tradition of Deadspin's We Have to Ask segment.

Lace up your Strength Jump Shoes and make the jump for the questions.

Man if I wore these I'd be doing 360 windmill dunks... with my eyes closed!

Head Coach Don Nelson- Could Lucky beat Air Bud in a game of HORSE? How about Lassi? Benji?

I'm extremely proud to say that I've never seen this movie.

Assistant Coach Keith Smart- You played in the Philippines back in 1989. Any cool tricks your picked up in the Filipino leagues? When was the last time you visited there?

Where Smart ballas hail.

Assistant Coach Stephen Silas- Nellie said you're the computer guy on the coaching staff. What does that mean? Do you get to play Fantasy Basketball all day long?

Actually this is what I did all throughout undergrad... except I didn't get paid.

Baron Davis- Last year Snoop and Jessica Alba rolled to the Roaracle Arena. Who else might be rolling to Oakland to catch a Warriors game this season?

Boom brings Fantastic guests to the Roaracle nightly.

Stephane Lasme- You were a block machine in college! We hope to see you swat shots like Mutombo in the Bay for years to come. There's gotta be someone in this league who you're just dying to just swat their shot to the 5th row of the crowd. Which guy in the NBA do you want to reject the most? Why?

But can Lasme wag that finger?!

Stephen Jackson- Tell me it's more fun chilling in the Bay than Indiana! What are your favorite spots to chill at in the Bay?

Monta Ellis- You thinking about participating in the dunk contest this year?

Paul Milsap and Brandon Roy give this dunk a 10!
(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Andris Biedrins- You thinking about participating in the 3pt contest this year? Haha, just kidding but you've actually never attempted a 3pt shot in the NBA. Is this the year Nellie has you going Manute Bol from long distance? Come on you gotta take at least one 3-pointer this season!

Launching up treys is exhausting.

Matt Barnes- When are you getting Golden State of Mind and "Unstoppable Baby!" tattoos?

(By loyal GSoMer warriorgirl)

Marco Belinelli- I don't know Italian at all, but on GSoM you've earned the nickname "Il Tiratore" from the community. You feeling that nickname?

(By longtime GSoM community member Sleepy Freud)

Al Harrington- Last year you pretty much shocked everyone by adding a 3pt shot to your game and being one of the best long distance shooters in the league. You got anything new up your sleeve this season to surprise NBA nation?

Troy Hudson- Yo THud, who's nastier on the mic- you or Tru Warier Ron Artest?

This Warier would make a fine Warrior.

Kelenna Azubuike- Be honest man, when was the last time you misspelled your own name when filling out some paper or online form? (Haha, not that I should be talking with my "traditional" 47 syllable South Indian name.)

Patrick O'Bryant- Any good Hip Hop stations in Bakersfield?

The birthplace of Hip Hop.

Brandan Wright- We caught your blog The Wright Stuff on AOL. Come on man- just admit it... you wish you could write for GSoM instead! Our diaries are always open to you man.

At least someone liked my questions!
(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Something tells me the answers to these questions won't be showing up in the papers anytime soon...

GSoM's blowout coverage of 2k7 Warriors Media Day

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