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OPEN THREAD: Game 1 - Warriors vs Jazz - We GSOM!

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Warriors (W-L): 0-0

Jazz (W-L): 0-0

Time: 7:30pm PST

TV: FSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 680

Are you ready to kick off another exciting season?

Are you ready for Opening Night?

Most importantly, are you ready for GSoM Night 2?!

Are - you - ready???

Oh man, I am so pumped for tonight. There could be nothing better than my first Warriors opening night game surrounded by 881 diehard Warriors fans who bought tickets for GSOM Night 2. 881 representing the mighty Golden State of Mind! Eight hundred and eighty-one! Oh my. It's absolutely mind boggling that this amazing community has come together and purchased so many tickets to Opening Night. I'm still in awe of that number. Thank you for making this special.

Hopefully all questions about GSoM Night details have been answered either in previous posts or in the letter that you should have received with your GSoM Night tickets. If you still have questions leave them in the comments and I'll get to them there. I'll mention 2 important things:

  • Bring your t-shirt coupon to the game! Otherwise you won't be getting your shirt
  • At halftime watch the jumbotron to see if you won anything in the raffle

This is the free GSOM Night 2 shirt we're giving out. Just redeem your t-shirt coupon and you'll get a shirt. Make sure to wear it at the game because you know all of the GSOM Crew will be sporting it. And if you didn't happen to be amongst the first 800 to get a shirt, just wear an orange shirt to the game and you'll fit right in. Just remember, wear the shirt. It's gonna be hot.

Matt Barnes is already rockin' the shirt.

We want to meet as many of you as possible. Some of us will be handing out t-shirts but if you don't catch us there, just come by our seats and say hi. We purchased 30 tickets for us so we occupy a large chunk. We're in section 206, all of row 8 and 9, and then row 10 seats 3-4. We'll probably be roaming around anyways giving out high 5's and chatting it up with all of you. We just want to make sure everyone has a good time. If you don't happen to know what we look like, I've compiled some pictures of us after the jump. Also we'll be taking tons of pictures and encourage you to do the same and share them with the community.

Tony.psd has put together some amazing signs that we can wave around during the game. He's even giving away the Baron one to a lucky fan. Here are the all signs he's put together for the crowd:



Oh yea, there's a game to be played too. Nellie's going to trot out an interesting starting lineup with Baron, Monta, Kelenna, Pietrus, and Biedrins. They'll have a tough time matching up with D Williams, Brewer, AK-47, Boozer, and Okur. A steady dose of Paul Millsap off the bench for some more hustle and rebounding complements the starting 5. The Warriors will counter with the offensive firepower of Baby Al, Marco, and Barnes. Will the Notorious POB be used tonight to counter the Jazz frontline? What role will T-Hud and Croshere play tonight? Nellie has a lot of players who can potentially contribute but there just aren't enough minutes for everyone to play a significant role.

Expect Nellie to experiment with this team. Because they have such great chemistry, Nellie can play anybody on the court with anyone else and just play who's hot. This game will be a lot of fun with the Warriors flying around the court breaking players into new roles. It'll definitely be a tough a game, but I expect the Warriors offense to pull through and run the Jazz off the court.

Although the Jazz showed they can score with the Warriors in last year's playoffs, it will again be a stark contrast of styles. Nellie vs Sloan. Run n' Gun vs Methodical. Chaos vs Structure. Whoever can impose their style on the other team tonight will be the winner.

For a preview from the Jazz angle, check out

A couple of game notes. Stephen Jackson is out (7 game suspension) and Utah's Matt Harpring will be a game time decision with a bad knee and ankle.


  • Warriors favored by 3.5 in Vegas, but I say Warriors by 8
  • Baron drops 30 for the good fans of Oakland
  • Biedrins records double double #1 of the season
  • Special K shows off his special J to the tune of 20
  • GSoM rocks the house!

GSoM Night 2 is going to be off the hook! The party at the Oracle starts around 6p with GSOM, free t-shirts all around, dope signs by Tony, a raffle for free stuff, we'll be on the jumbotron, and hopefully get on the FSN tv broadcast. Lastly, a Warriors win will cap off the night nicely. And don't forget, we want to meet you, so come up and say hi to us. For those who couldn't make it, we'll try next time to make sure we can get you in the gates. We'll be cheering extra hard in your place. Our smiling faces, after the jump.

Also if you see Chris Murphy, give him a big thank you for all his hard work to make this happen. We all appreciate the crazy amount of work he's put into making this an unprecedented event anywhere in any sports arena.

I'll see you at the arena. It's game time baby. I'm ready. Are you?

Leave your predictions and comments in the comments section

Update (Atma Brother #1): Thanks for making GSoM Night II so much fun! Stay tuned for the first Recap of the 2007-2008 Warriors season...

Warriors lose 96-117 | Final Box Score

The GSoM crew in action! I couldn't find pictures of YaoButtaMing or RDizzle, so you'll just have to guess who they are. Atma, DJ, Hash, Tony and I aren't so camera shy so there were pics of us. Anyways, when you're at the game, if you see us, feel free to come up and say hi. We're fun loving guys.

Hash, Al Attles, and Atma Brother #1

Atma, Franco Finn, and DJ Fuzzylogic

Thunder and Fantasy Junkie

Tony.psd with Franco Finn

Because we like our real names too and as much as someone yelling out "Whassup Fantasy Junkie!" would be cool, just for reference, here are our real names associated with our pen names.

  • Adam Lauridsen = Adam Lauridsen
  • Atma Brother #1 = Shailo
  • DJ Fuzzylogic = Brian
  • Fantasy Junkie = Justin
  • Hash = Ashish (but his nickname really is Hash)
  • OptionZero = Jonathan
  • RDizzle = Ram
  • Tony.psd = Tony
  • YaoButtaMing = Owen

Are you hyped yet?