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Training Camp: Day 3 Practice Video

For those of us dying to see some Warriors action, our thirst can be quenched by the latest practice video. The Warriors Training Camp blog gives us daily updates about the team. One of the interesting things from the video is how much Don Nelson stresses the importance of winning the first 2 games. No, not the first 2 games of the season, October 30 vs the Jazz(GSoM Night 2 - shameless plug) or November 2 vs the Clippers, he says the first 2 preseason games are must wins.

"The first 2 games of the preseason are the most important of the season"

Then he has this dramatic pause and looks around to see people's reactions. The first time I saw it I expected him to laugh. And then he didn't so I thought he was serious. But now, after going back through it, he's got this tiny smirk out of the left side of his mouth while he looks around. Then he continues:

"We've got to win those two, we've just got to win those games."

But I figured he was joking when he goes on to say:

"It's not as important to win preseason games as it was a year ago."

Man, you never know what you're going to get from Nellie. What a trip.

Tim Roye's been keeping a journal of his travels in Hawaii with the team. His first entry was on Day 1 of training camp. His second entry came today as he wrote about yesterday's practice and how Al Harrington was "Unstoppable Baby!". Well, not in those exact words, but he wrote how Al dominated. To further validate this, Don Nelson has called Al Harrington the best player in camp so far. Looks like shedding the 20 lbs is going to help Al tremendously.