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Baron is "gettin' hyphy" on screens across the world!

Baron Davis in digitized form gets better each day.

Besides letting us know that him and Nash are best friends forever on his blog Baron blesses us through technology once again, showing gamers how "hyphy" he and the Warriors are. The 2kSports website provides a few episodes of snippets of simulated matchups between NBA teams. In episode 4, the Warriors take on division rival the Los Angeles Clippers, with Kevin Harlan of TNT narrating the rise of Warriors with Baron Davis manning the ship. The graphics on 2k8 are pretty phenomenal.

Oddly, Davis' moves are not quite as phenomenal as Harlan's commentary (Harlan: "He's gettin' hyphy!"). I would actually give Cassell some credit for some well played video game defense. Hopefully, the announcing in the game will include more local slang since "hyphy" has become a generic signifier as "crunk" had become for the majority of southern rap. As Harlan mentions that the Warriors got the best fans, maybe he'll mention how we also "go dumb" and "get stoopid" ay'day!

But anyway, Warriors Nation can't get enough of you, Baron Davis, and we look forward to seeing you in more digitized forms!

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