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2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Stephen Jackson

If you thought we had fun putting together Mike Dunleavy's very last GSoM report card, then strap on your seat belts for this one. Up next is the one, the only...

Stephen. Jesse. Jackson.

People in Indiana can't stand the man. The Charmin soft fans in Dallas can't stand the man. The refs can't stand the man. The NBA's vanilla fanbase can't stand the man. David Stern and the NBA's PR department can't stand the man.

But us?

This is our man.

He's like that crazy cousin everyone has who's always on the verge of doing something absolutely nuts, but always, always, always has your back. He'll go down swinging with you even if you're outnumbered 2 to 12- he's just down for the cause. Thankfully with Jackson and the Roaracle We Believers it was exactly the opposite as it was 20,000 on 5 (just ask Cuban's crew). Like Tim Duncan, I'll take this man on my team any day of the week.

It's funny how things come back to full circle. The last time the Warriors made the playoffs Nellie was at the helm. As you know Nellie's return last season meant a return to the playoffs. The last time the Dubs were in the West's elite 8 CWebb and Spree were clowning Charles Barkley. This time around Jax filled the void that had been absent since those two were chillin' at the barbershop by clowning none other than the Chuckster on national TV. I'll never forget Jax joking around about Barkley on TNT not having a ring and saying that Dwyane Wade could never make it into his TMobile Fav 5 because it was already filled up by the likes of Mickey D's, Dominos, Burger King, Cinnabon, and Krispy Kreme. (Check out Barkley Does the Bay -- Readers' Photoshop Creations from the C.W. Nevius SFGate blog for a good laugh.)

After a decade plus of a culture of losing fostered by Chris Cohan's countless blunders, the only thing that could overcome it was heart and the "I just don't give a..." attitude. Enter stage right Stephen Jackson...

Steve Kerr: "And when I said Stephen Jackson doesn't care,
I meant it in the best possible way."

Thank you Indy!


Make jump for a report card with some guaranteed Action!


I was standing next to R Dizzle (there's no sitting down when you're at the Roaracle Arena!) when Jax threw this "in yo eye!" dime to a cutting and emphatically scoring JRich during Game 4 of the Shock the World series against the Dallas... Dallas... Dallas (I seem to have forgotten that team's name, anyone care to remind me?). With a huge grin R Dizzle remarked that Jax's pass was "So unnecessary." I have to say I agree, but with one slight modification. It was so unnecessary, but absolutely necessary at the same time.

Dallas don't want none of this!

I was chilling with Adam Lauridsen of Fast Break fame the other day and he was singing Jackson praise for being the only guy in the team who calls Andris Biedrins' number for some pick and rolls and always finds a way to get him involved. Here's some video evidence to illustrate Adam's great observation:




Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)  

Grade: A-
If only Jax had run up court a few more times instead of complaining to the refs, I would have given him an A. When he joined the Ws, the team finally got a backbone. His defense, ball-handling, and passing were priceless at the end of the season. Sure, he's streaky, mistake-prone, and volatile, but his big shots, smart plays, and passion far outweighed his cold spells, goofs, and blow ups.

Fun Score: 8
Hey Utah fans, Stephen Jackson: still not a felon.

Atma Brother #1  

Grade: A-
Jax ended up being the best player in the highway robbery of the Indiana Pacers by a landslide. For all the shots people in the sensationalized sports media and non-Warrior fans like to take at him, this guy's one hell of a teammate and an extremely unselfish player. I'll take this man on my team any day. Aside from having no clue when to back off the refs, Jax has a pretty high and under-appreciated hoops IQ. Watch him on defense get in passing lanes and ghost ride the Dirk. Watch him create for his teammates and post up when the Warriors go cold from the field. Now if he could just cut those techs in half and be a little more careful handling the rock on those crossovers.

Fun Score: 9
From the frisk game intro with Matt Barnes to the shots at Chuck during the 1st round upset against the Mavs to the clapping techs (those refs were fools), this guy just lives up to the nickname Action Jackson. Like Shaft he's a bad...

DJ Fuzzylogic  

Grade: A
Like Beyonce, Jax probably told Nellie "lemme upgrade you." Judging Jax based on who he replaced seems only fair. All heart, almost all hustle (except the several sulking moments during the playoffs v. Utah), Jax was more co-captain than Dun and Foyle ever deserved to be. He filled a huge gap at small forward, providing 3pt. shooting, solid d, and playmaking abilities that Nellie needs from a wing player in his system.

Fun Score: 8

Fantasy Junkie  

Grade: A
Jax was seriously more than what anyone thought he could be. Al Harrington was supposed to be the main piece in the mid-season trade, but it turned out that Jax was the most valuable piece. He was a leader, played tenacious D, handled the ball well, and hit the big shots when needed. He lets his emotions control him and that leads to some crazy moments both good and bad. The more I saw Jax play though, the more I loved his game.

Fun Score: 9


Grade: A-
Jackson literally bled lightning bolts from the moment he stepped onto the Arena floor for the first time. With passion, however, oftentimes comes emotional decisions. Sometimes these decisions led him to put games at risk with ejections and suspensions. Yet you cannot argue with his contributions. The good FAR outweighs the bad and I hope Jax keeps this passion up for us for years to come.

Fun Score: 10!
What's a basketball game without a little drama?!


Grade: B
I give more credit to Stephen Jackson then most people. I honestly believe he is the biggest factor we made the playoffs this year. He brings us mental strength, hustle, and passion which is also his downfall. If Nellie can continue to harness all that energy for good ... he can only make our team that much better. Still underrated!

Fun Score: 7

Overall Grade: A-

Jax- I hope you're reading this man. I just have one simple request. I can live with the turnovers. I can live with the sparse rebounding totals. I can live with all those 3pt attempts. I can even live a few of those techs. BUT I can't live without that frisk intro with you and Matt Barnes during player introductions. Forget what David Stern might say or think, ya'll gotta bring it back!


(If you don't get pumped up everytime you watch the Warrior intros from last season's amazing run, then you need to run to the ER and get your pulse checked- seriously.)

That's CAPTAIN Jackson to you mate!
(From our creative friends over at Fear the Beard.)

Should Jax and Barnes bring back that hilarious frisk intro? Who else will Jackson ghost ride with his D this year besides ReDirkulous? What's the over/ under on techs you think Captain Jackson will get this season?

2006-2007 GSoM Report Cards

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