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Even during that dark, dark 12 year stretch (see The Dirty Dozen: 1 | 2 | 3) no matter how bad the Warriors were I always felt proud of the in arena entertainment offerings and personnel. From the supafly Warrior Girls, to the Balco friendly Thunder, to the always hype Franco Finn, to the show-stopping Jr. Jam Squad, to the wheeling and pizza dealing Hoop Troop, to the GTOe bands, to the dope drummers in the playoffs, to the super duper hyphy GS Lightning- these guys were simply UNSTOPPABLE BABY!







(Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

After the jump... IT'S A GREAT TIME OUT!


Many of you fine ladies have moved on to bigger and better thangs.
All of us at GSoM wanted to thank you for always being mos fly! Good luck!

Audrey drops science on KRON.


Dallas wishes they had the Warrior Girls.


Also see WG on NBC11.


Can you spot the only GSoMer in this pic?

It's great to see that Thunder and Harry the Hawk are great friends ON,


and OFF the court.



Check out the good man's website.



Man these kids can dance better than MC Hammer!



I wasn't even joking!

Warrior Girls + Jr. Jam Squad = Better than Volton!



and of course...


Make sure to show these fellas some luv at the Arena!

Give the GS Lightning crew some major props over on their MySpace page too.

Also special shout out to Brian McKnight for doing the Game 3 opening honors.


Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break)  

Grade: B-
Am I the only one who thinks Thunder (Blunder) is an awful mascot? There are two reasons "the City" logo is so successful: (1) it's just cool and (2) no Ws fan wants to wear Blunder all over his or her chest. That said, GS Lightning and the Jr. Jam Squad are unstoppable. They always managed to get the crowd pumped up during breaks in the action. But would it really hurt to pay just a little money for real halftime entertainment every game?

Fun Score: 6
Bonus point for the dancing Indian guy video on the scoreboard.

Atma Brother #1  

Grade: A+
The whole crew's been doing it for years and it's great to see them getting some well deserved publicity this season. Earlier this spring DJ Fuzzlogic, Hash, and I had the pleasure of meeting the GS Lightning crew who frequent GSoM. Not only are they uber-talented B-Boys that bring it every night at the Roaracle Arena and the flyest spots in the Yay Area, but they are a bunch of really cool cats. Make some serious noise next time you see them performing at a Warriors game.

Fun Score: 10

DJ Fuzzylogic  

Grade: A-
I was pretty upset when they cut some favs off the Warriors Girls dance squad. Plus, the highly anticipated Warrior Girl calendar, was slightly disappointing. Upon looking at it, my thoughts echoed my friends critique of the photos: "it makes them look like drag queens." Huge fan of the GS lightening Breakdancers though. Have them battle the Warrior Girls and Thunder, we'll all know who'll "get served."

Fun Score: 10
I love you. Shania.

Fantasy Junkie  

Grade: A+
The main staple of this group is the Warrior Girls. I must say, they stepped up their game this year. Last year's routines were pretty bad, this year, the routines were much better and you could tell they worked harder at them. The rest of the entertainment always does a great job. I especially like the GS Lightning Breakdancers, those drummer folks, and the Jr. Jam Squad.

Fun Score: 10


Grade: A+
Okay even if everything else sucked, (which they don't) The GS Lightning and Inflatable Thunder are so raw that it would STILL average out to an A+. ALWAYS a great time out.

Fun Score: 10


Grade: B+
They really deserve an A+ but honestly I can live without the CaboWabo Band. THEY HAVE TO GO!! If I hear Earth Wind and Fire one more time...

Fun Score:
9 without CWB ... 2 with!

Overall Grade: A-

Also see Warrior Girls, Thunder, Jr. Jam Squad, the Weekend Warriors, and The Band's 2005-2006 GSoM Report Card

You can always find out more about the GToE crew over at Before we go, I just wanted to extend a special thanks to the Warriors for continuing to show my Uncle (that Indian guy with glasses who dances better than Michael Jackson in his prime), so much love on the jumbotron. You good folks HAVE to put that up his clip on YouTube. I guarantee you it will make a GSoM YouTube Tuesday segment as soon as it goes live.

What's your favorite part about the Great Time Out Entertainment (GToE) crew?

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