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2007-2008 NBA Blog Previews: Southwest Division

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The 2007-2008 NBA Season is quickly approaching and the Southwest Division is up next for the 2nd annual NBA Blog Previews.

The only Southwest flights that matter land in OAK, SFO, or SJC.

I don't think too many people will argue with me that the Southwest Division is the best division is the NBA. It's home to the Texas 3-Step and they've sent a representative to the NBA Finals for three straight years. Will they be able to go for the 4peat? Let's look at the candidates:

  • Dallas Mavericks- As long as they don't have to play 20,000 on 5 again, I don't see why not.
  • San Antonio Spurs- Unfortunately for anyone with a pulse and the league's TV ratings, they've got a great shot.
  • Houston Rockets- Unless they can figure a way to somehow earn a playoff BYE in the first round of the playoffs, TMac, Yao, and the rest of these guys are going BYE BYE.
  • New Orleans Hornets- Nice, fun team to watch, but no.
  • Memphis Grizzlies- Um, hell to the no.

I'd say the Southwest Division has a 2/3 chance of going for the 4peat. The West is going to be between the Mavs, Spurs, and Suns.

Check out these previews of the Southwest Division by these fine bloggers. They know their teams like we know how much the Dubs OWN the Mavs:

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CelticsBlog NBA Page

Shout out to Jeff Clark of the mighty CelticsBlog for organizing the festivities.

This is how I see the Southwest Division going down:

  1. Dallas Mavericks- We OWN these guys (just in case you weren't paying attention), but I'd rather see them win this division and rep the West in the NBA Finals than the San Antonio Snores any day.
  2. San Antonio Spurs- Please wake me when this nightmare is over. I can't stand watching their flopping.
  3. Houston Rockets- Adelman will have them playing a much more entertaining brand of basketball, but they still probably won't be able to win a playoff series.
  4. New Orleans Hornets- After George Shinn and crew pillaged these good people of $14.5 million dollars for a practice facility, I hope they at least get to watch a winning ballclub. Seriously, do the Hornets' ownership have any class at all?
  5. Memphis Grizzlies- The good news for all two Grizz fans out there is that if Pau Gasol keeps growing out his beard, the Spanish Fly can be their mascot too. That wasn't a joke. That's really all the good news that there is for this ballclub.

What's your prediction for the Southwest Division?