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2007-2008 NBA Blog Previews: Pacific Division

It's time to talk about my favorite division in the entire association, the mighty Pacific Division and the respective NBA Blog Previews. I gaurantee you that the NBA's West Coast is going to be wildly entertaining during the 2007-2007 season. How can I make such a promise with so much confidence? Simply put, these teams are loaded with characters.

  • Phoenix Suns- Doesn't Raja Bell look like a man possessed sometimes? Especially when he goes up against Kobe Bryant?
  • LA Lakers- I'd say right around January Kobe Bryant goes Sprewell on Lakers' GM Mitch Kupchak when the Lakers are fighting just for the right to get bounced in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.
  • Golden State Warriors- We got over 20,000 characters up in the Yay Area!
  • LA Clippers- With the injury to Elton Brand and Mike Dunleavy Sr.'s foolish refusal to play Corey Maggette sometime around early December I'm expecting THE MAN Sam Cassell to be granted a trade to a contender. Watch this clip. Sam deserves the best.

    By the way I hereby ban any Sam Cassell jokes from GSoM. They're old like last week's news.
  • Sacramento Kings- I'll spare you any Ron Artest jokes because I just have this feeling that he'll be a Warrior sometime soon, so let's focus on their rookie. No, not Chris Kaman's younger brother Spencer Hawes. I'm talking about Arizona guard Mustafa Shakur. Is that not one badass name or what? Major props to his parents for that great name.

This is how we do it on the Wessyde Wessyde:

Golden St. Warriors
Golden State of Mind

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers
Forum Blue & Gold
With Malice

Phoenix Suns
Bright Side of the Sun

Sacramento Kings
Sactown Royalty

CelticsBlog NBA Page

Big ups to Jeff Clark from CelticsBlog for making the blogger previews happen again this year.

Throw up that W:

  1. Phoenix Suns- If Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire actually try on defense this year, I think they could take home the O'Brien.
  2. LA Lakers- I don't think their record will be that much different than the Warriors, but unfortunately the harsh reality for the Dub faithful is that Ebok and the rest of these Fakers OWN the Warriors like the Dubs OWN the Mavs.
  3. Golden State Warriors- Thankfully the Pacific division isn't nearly as good as it was 2 seasons ago or else the Dubs would be toast.
  4. Sacramento Kings- Either Mike Bibby or Ron Artest will be gone by the February trade deadline. Reggie Theus? Are you serious? Should've stuck with Rick Adelman.
  5. LA Clippers- See you in the lottery!


What's your prediction for the Pacific Division?

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