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Baron Davis Blog: Update on Monta and more

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Boom Dizzle is back with his 2nd and 3rd updates to his blog. I definitely like his style. It feels like he's not filtering anything out, he's just writing what he's thinking. Yardbarker's doing some cool things getting pro players to blog on their website. The fans get to experience the personality of the players that was never accessible before. His first update comes straight from Hawaii entitled "Aloha". In it, he writes about playing with Austin Croshere and being proud of Jax and Barnes for becoming co-captains or as he phrases it "underbosses". Also, our boys over at Fear the Beard get a big shout out from Boom Dizzle.

FTB, def glad you respect my gridn and the old skool style, ya dig. I may rock a design in the beard this year...Let me know what I should do. Lol.

It'll be crazy if he rocks some type of crazy design in his beard! People are already giving him suggestions on that post. You'll have to create a yardbarker account to leave comments.

Then in his latest post, "Just so you know..." he writes about Monta, and lets us all know that everything is okay.

Monta is doing great! He will be back in action when he is ready. I was worried as hell, damn near in tears, wen he couldn't move. He is moving around good tho.

Funniest line from the post when he's talking about POB and all the rookies playing well:

#19 kosto watever his name is I call him 19 lol

BD, nice work and keep the updates coming!