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RUMOR: At least 4 teams had better offers for KG

Even though Sam Smith has taken some silly, baseless shots at the sports blogosphere in the past you really can't help but love the guy for all his entertaining rumor-mongering []:

Garnett got a three-year, $56 million extension from Boston, which was said to be the deal breaker for Minnesota. Garnett wanted to remain with the Timberwolves, enjoying those long off-seasons, but owner Glen Taylor decided to stop overpaying for missing the playoffs and told GM Kevin McHale to get draft choices and salary relief.

At least four teams, including the Bulls, were said to have offered superior deals to the one Boston made, though McHale is telling people Al Jefferson will be a superstar. Of course, McHale is also telling people he's the Timberwolves' general manager, which few believe.

I have to hand it to Smith for digging this up and taking some hilarious shots at the Timberwolves ("those long off-seasons" and "overpaying for missing the playoffs") as well as at the incredibly inept McHale ("McHale is also telling people he's the Timberwolves' general manager, which few believe"). I know commissioner David Stern is still probably investigating the ref scandal, but he should be looking into the legalities of a GM being employed by two teams simultaneously too.

I'm with KG. Seriously why didn't KG to the Warriors go down?

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Smith contends that at least four teams were in the running for K to the G including the Bulls. My guess is that 3 other teams that offered superior deals to the Celtics looked something like this:

  • New York Knicks: Isiah Thomas really knows how to screw up, but I'll give him one thing- he's one of the most active GMs out there. He's always looking to improve his squad unlike 80% of the lazy GMs in the league who collect big paychecks for doing minimal work. He's the GM equivalent of a high volume shooter.
  • Phoenix Suns: It really seems like Amare Stoudemire or Shawn Marion were on the table in either a 2-way or 3-way deal for KG. I'll take guys who've made the Western Conference All-Star squad as big men than Al Jefferson who couldn't even crack the Leastern Conference All-Star team any day.
  • Golden State Warriors: We all know this one, but I'll go so far to say that the Warriors were willing to part with Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, and then post-draft day Brandan Wright in a gift wrapped package to make this happen. Nellie and Mullin aren't fools. They knew a lineup of BD, JRich, Jax, and KG would challenge for the NBA title. And after everything Nellie's accomplished in his illustrious coaching career what's left besides a title? I still think that after last season's playoff run Nellie threatened the Warriors to either bring KG or he wouldn't be back. When that didn't happen he said something along the lines of "Well fine then- like Biggie, GIMME THE LOOT! GIMME THE LOOT!"

I'll admit I'm still bitter about the KG trade and the collusion between McHale and Ainge to restore some semblance of relevance to their alma mattar in Beantown. It seemed like McHale was trying his best all of this part summer to hook the Celtics up with Garnett. In the beginning of the trade talks KG flat out said he didn't want to go to Boston, yet McHale and Ainge kept trying to force something to happen. The only thing that's left to wonder is how much of the Celtics' payroll is McHale on the books for? Think he made more money than Doc Rivers this past season from the Celtics? He sure deserves a bigger contract from the Celts than Ainge and Rivers.

Who do you think the other 3 teams were that put out better offers than the Celtics' lowball offer for KG? Based on all the rumors what do you think was the Warriors' best offer for KG?

99% or rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!

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