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GSoF: Week 9 Recap and Week 10 Picks

And so it was decided. The Patriots-Colts game last week was by far the best game of the season so far, and further proved that Brady, Moss, Welker, and the rest of the Pats have that magic touch that's going to keep this team winning. Its hard to say that they'll have a perfect season, but there are really only two teams - the Steelers and the Ravens - that stand a chance to prevent them from going perfect, but even those two are a stretch at this point. As for the Colts, they'll bounce back after one loss. Hopefully we'll get to see these teams go at it once more in the AFC Championship game....

Why didn't he do this when he was with the Raiders?

This doesn't even look possible!

As for the Weekly Pics, we have a new winner! vietsta4o8 took home the glory last week by going 10-4 in predictions! Vietsta4o8 - hit us up through e-mail and we'll throw that Baron poster to ya!

Click Read More to see my Week 10 Predictions!


Week 10 Matchups  
Broncos (3-5) @
Chiefs (4-4)
LJ and Jay Cutler are both probable for tomorrow making this game at Arrowhead another boring AFC West game to watch. This does give Preist Holmes his opportunity to show whether or not he can be what he was before the injury, but that won't save this game for being a snoozer.
Bills (4-4) @
Dolphins (0-8)
Can anyone remember the last time the Dolphins won a game?
Vikings (3-5) @
Packers (7-1)
296 rushing yards? While I have no faith in the Vikings pulling off this game, I hope to see some crazy highlights again by this one-man team!
Browns (5-3) @
Steelers (6-2)
Battle for the NFC North! The Steelers are looking like the Super Bowl team of two years ago, and the Browns are looking like...well, nothing I've ever seen before out of a Browns team! The Browns showed last week in their OT win against the Seahawks that they are the real deal, and this win, as difficult as it will be to obtain, will show their dominance in their division!
Rams (0-8) @
Saints (4-4)
Brees threw for 449 yards and 3 TDs last week - the man is on fire. The Rams haven't won a game all season. Do the math.
Jaguars (5-3) @
Titans (6-2)
Regardless of what Vince Young's stats say (61.5 QB Rating, 61.6 completion percentage), he's still finding a way to keep the Titans winning. The Jags were blown out last week against the Saints and without David Garrard, they're looking at another loss this Sunday.
Eagles (3-5) @
Redskins (5-3)
Andy Reid claims that McNabb has the starting job for the rest of the season, but I don't know if I can believe that if they lose another game...
Falcons (2-6) @
Panthers (4-4)
Seeing as though the Panthers could potentially start their 4th QB of the season, I don't expect much of a passing game from them. But if you remember from Christmas Eve last year, they didn't need to pass to beat the Falcons (10 total passes, 183 rushing yards).
Bengals (2-6) @
Ravens (4-4)
The Bengals have no defense. The Ravens have no offense. Defense wins games, right?
Lions (6-2) @
Cardinals (3-5)
The Lions have been the surprise team of the season and Kitna's ten win prediction isn't looking too far fetched at this point. They should destroy the Cardinals by all means and this game should be blacked out in Arizona come 1 PM tomorrow.
Cowboys (7-1) @
Giants (6-2)
Another game to decide a division. We all knew the Cowboys would dominate this season, but no one expected the Giants to pull of 6 straight wins. But if the past tells us anything, a strong first half for the Giants usually means a dismal 2nd half of the season. Let the meltdown begin!
Colts (7-1) @
Chargers (4-4)
Which one of these two teams will bounce back after last week's loss? Easy - the Colts!

Gotta love Tony.psd!


Golden State of Football
Bears (3-5) @
Raiders (2-6)
Before you knock me on this one, take a second to think about it. Both of these teams are pretty disappointing at the halfway mark, but by far, the Bears absolutely terrible. The QB that led (or whatever you want to call it) them to the Super Bowl got benched early in the season and replaced by an equally bad QB (4 INTs in his last game), Devin Hester leads the team with 4 TDs, but 3 of them are on returns, and the Bears have committed a total of 23 turnovers this season. I'm not saying the Raiders are an amazing team right now, but they're better than that!
49ers (2-6) @
Seahawks (4-4)
If the 9ers can't even beat the Falcons, I don't know what to believe they CAN do. The Seahawks are terrible now, but as we saw earlier this year, they can still beat the living daylights out of San Fran. Unless the stars and moons align in the right way and Alex can pull off a miracle like last year, I'll be looking forward to crying on Monday night.

Teams with Byes - Patriots, Texans, Jets, Buccaneers

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