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OPEN THREAD: Game 6 - Warriors vs Pistons

Warriors (W-L): 0-5

Pistons (W-L): 5-2

Time: 7:30pm PST


Radio: KNBR 680

This is where win #1 will come from. No doubt about it. Considering that we OWN Detroit, this one is in the bag. Check it out, in the 2 games last year, the Warriors won 111-79 in early November and then won again 111-93 in Detroit. Add in that Detroit is on the 2nd game of a back to back after getting beat by Portland last night and we have a recipe for success. This will be win #1 for the Dubs.

Even without Stack Jack in the lineup, this Warriors team can uptempo the Pistons to death. The Warriors have been playing much better after two close losses against the Cavs and Mavs. It's time they close one of these out. I couldn't explain why the Warriors blew out the Pistons twice last year, and I won't be able to explain why the Warriors blow them out twice this year.

But Detroit isn't 5-2 for nothing. The Warriors will have a tough time on the boards with Sheed, Jason Maxiell, and Tayshaun Prince. Add in Chauncey Billups with Rip Hamilton and you have a solid veteran squad that knows how to win.

If you're going to the game, you'll see Tony there reppin GSOM in the lower bowl, section 109, row 27. He's going to have 2 more amazing signs. One is a tribute to the GTOe crew and the other is a collabo with the good folks from the Detroit Pistons blog, Need for Sheed. Tony might even get on the jumbotron! Be sure to check out Tony's work at the game and also make sure to drop by Need for Sheed to get some good 'ol Pistons coverage.



  • Warriors win by 6
  • Tony.psd's signs get on tv
  • Biedrins records a double-double
  • Rasheed goes bananas
  • Baron wins the PG battle

Post your predictions before the game and your comments during the game in this open thread.

OZ's diary - Barnes to start tonight

Update (Atma Brother #1): Over in Deeeetroit they know how we do it over here in the Yay Area!

Update 2: (Fantasy Junkie): Boxscore

Update 3: Warriors lose 104-111

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