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YouTube Tuesday: Right Before Our Eyes

How many times in your history of being of a Warriors fan have you seen some mediocre player from the opposing team come out and have a career night against our beloved Dubs?

It's actually happened to us so many times that the term "Warrior Killer" is widely recognized amongst all Arena-goers. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this term is that the Warrior Killer is usually a mid-range player for the opposing team. In short, we seem to have a knack for allowing the mediocre seem invincible.

Unfortunately we haven't chalked up a win yet this season, because if we had, our opponents would probably be wondering who the hell Kelenna Azubuike is. They may even make the mistake of discounting him as a mediocre player who had a lucky night.

It takes a Warrior fan to know that we may have something pretty special brewing here. So this week, here's a little tribute to Kabuki himself.

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