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Suns Coach Mike D'Antoni Hating on Phoenix Phans

I'm pretty surprised this isn't getting all that much attention. When was the last time you saw a head coach criticize their own hometown fans? Well Phoenix Suns Coach Mike D'Antoni ain't feeling Suns fans right now [East Valley Tribune]:

D'Antoni said he also wasn't happy when the fans booed his team in the home opener when they were blitzed 119-98 by the Lakers.

"(I vented about the fans) because the fans deserved it," said D'Antoni, a day after describing Tuesday's crowd as "deader than we are" when his team struggled to put away the short-handed Knicks. "If they're going to boo us, hell, what's the difference, I can boo them.

"(Tuesday), they didn't come ready. You have to come every game, you have to bring it ... and they didn't bring it. There was no atmosphere. Everybody -- us, them -- was just kind of down and blah and there's not reason to be."

You don't know who you're booing with.
(Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images)

You know I have to side with Coach D'Antoni on this one. Fans boo their home team's players and coaches all the time in the sports world when they aren't bringing it. What's wrong with players and coaches doing the same? I mean when the Warriors are stinking up the joint even We Believers will resort to booing and loud unmentionables (by the way memo to Warriors fans at the Roaracle: when our fellas are shooting free throws SHUSH), so what's wrong with Nellie and the Warrior players booing the fans when they aren't helping them out? (Not that that's happened in years.) And back when Mike Dunleavy was a Warrior and fans weren't booing him loud enough, what would've been wrong with Dun booing the fans for not booing him loudly enough? It works both ways.

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If the Warriors were a perennial championship contender like the Phoenix Suns do you think the Roaracle would just be the Oracle during the relatively meaningless regular season?

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