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RECAP: Warriors 104, Pistons 111 - Not Again!

Final Boxscore

Rebounding with our eyes closed.

We are now the proud fans of the worst team in the NBA (record wise). Seattle and Minnesota won today, making the Warriors the only winless team in the league. The clock has struck 12 and Cinderella is officially back to wearing rags, cleaning the floors, and practicing some free throws! Frustrating doesn't begin to describe this game. Arrrgh. Can the Warriors play a complete game? Can they consistently make the necessary in-game adjustments? Can they make some free throws? Can they play well in the 4th quarter? Can they win a game?

It's too bad that in our first ever ticket giveaway the Warriors lose: 0-1 on GSoM Ticket Giveaway Nights. By the way, BobbyLeeHurt, I hope you had fun at the game with the tickets you won even though the Dubs lost. Well, in the spirit of our GSoM Pop Quiz let's take another quiz based on tonight's numbers (no prize given this time).

Question 1: How many points did the Warriors score in the 2nd half?
Answer: Oh great question FJ! 21 points in the 3rd quarter plus 19 points in the 4th quarter equals 40 total points in the 2nd half. I didn't even have to break out the calculator for that one. Wait a second, 40 points in the 2nd half? That would average 80 points in an entire game. Heck, we scored 40 points in the first quarter alone! How did that happen?

I guess that leads to...

Question 2: What was the Warriors' 3pt shooting percentage in the 2nd half?
Answer: Wow, another excellent question. The Warriors were 13-34 overall from 3, good for 38%. In the first half, the Warriors were on fire though going 8-13 from 3. 13 minus 8, 34 minus 13. Aha! The Warriors were 5-21 in the 2nd half from the land of plenty, a very ugly 24%. Yuck. But that doesn't make sense, why did they take so many more 3's and at the same time miss so many? The next question should help you understand.

Question 3:What kind of defense did the Pistons play that gave the Warriors fits?
Answer: Geez, how do you come up with these great questions? I'd call that defense a 3-2 zone. Boy did that kill the Warriors offense. They went from running, running, and running some more to stagnant. Here's the definition of stagnant

not flowing or running; stale or foul from standing
These definitions perfectly fit what the Warriors looked like in a half court set against the zone.

Detroit got into that zone defense in the 3rd quarter and immediately slowed the game down. The Warriors looked confused out there as they were content to just sit back and shoot 3's. These weren't created off drives but rather the ball moving around the perimeter. It wound up with guys just standing around the 3 point arc waiting for a pass. Again, no movement, lots of standing. They didn't necessarily take bad shots, they had open looks at 3's. It's just that when you're not hitting them, you have to attack the middle of the zone and get everyone on offense moving around. Detroit was content to let the Warriors take a bunch of 3's, then clog the lane for the defensive rebound and set up their half court offense. They slowed the game down and played their style of play.

But the Warriors adjusted at the start of the 4th quarter sending BD into the middle of the zone to attack. It was a great adjustment that sent the lead back to 10. But Detroit made another adjustment in their zone to collapse on the middle and the Warriors were back to shooting more and more 3's or long 2's. Game over.

Question 4: What did the Warriors shoot from the line?
Answer: They shot 13-21 or 62%. This is even with Andris Biedrins shooting 6-6. He made nearly half the free throws! When Biedrins shoots that well from the line, the free throw percentage should at least be in the 80's. Someone take free throw lessons from Biedrins! Haha. So, who were the culprits tonight? Monta Ellis (2-4) - MIP to MIA. Baron Davis (1-2) - how do you handle the ball that much and not get more than 2 free throws? Brandan Wright (1-4) - at least he was active in the middle.

I'd like to make a simple request to Warriors fans while the Warriors are shooting free throws. Let's pretend we're in a library and be quiet. Let's be loud when the other team is shooting free throws, quiet when the Warriors are.

Not a lot the Warriors could do to stop Rasheed

Question 5: What did the Pistons shoot from the field?
Answer: They were 44-83, good for 53%. Not going to win too many games when you shoot 41% and the opposing team shoots 53%.

Final Question: Add up all the numbers in answers 1-5, divide 0 by that number and you'll have a surprise.
Answer: 40 + 24 + 32 + 62 + 53 = 211
0 / 211 = 0. The number of Warriors wins this year.

Miscellaneous thoughts

  • It was good to see Brandan Wright get 6 minutes of burn tonight and show he's ready to play if called upon. He snatched 4 rebounds, 3 offensive and had one nice putback dunk. On defense he stripped Rasheed (I think it was) on the block and caused problems with his length.
  • Biedrins looked good tonight. He was getting open in the lane for guards to dump the ball off to him for easy shots. He was cutting to the open spots in the lane. Although he didn't convert at his usual 60%, I liked seeing him more involved in the offense finishing with 18 points (6-6 free throws!) and 11 boards. Good work.
  • Tonight in the first half, the Warriors played like the Warriors of last year's amazing run. They were getting steals, running out on the break, blocking shots and causing chaos for Detroit. The Warriors just flew up and down the court even getting fast break layups off made buckets. That was good to see again.
  • Marco looks lost and like he doesn't belong on the court. That summer league performance feels like a looooong loooong time ago.
  • Jason Maxiell is a strong, strong man. 14 points, 14 boards, and a vicious dunk. He's not just a Danny Fortson clone, the guy is a powerful learper.
  • Rasheed Wallace took over in the 4th. Perhaps he was motivated by the Need for Sheed /GSOM sign that Tony.psd put together. He was a big reason for the Pistons 9-0 4th quarter run and comeback. No Chauncey and no McDyess tonight, no problem. Just give it to the big man.

Boom Dizzle. 29 points on 12-24 shooting. He was dynamite in the 1st quarter and couldn't miss. The rest of the game he was solid, though I wish he took over in the 4th. He also dropped 10 assists. One problem tonight, he played 45 minutes and the Warriors still lost. Not a good sign for the long season.

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