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GSoF: Week 10 Recap and Week 11 Picks

So much for Bay Area teams having a presence in sports this year.

Let's start the crying session with the Oakland Raiders. By all means, the Silver and Black should have another 3 wins (if not more) but they keep giving em' away as they did last week. How are they going to let Rex Grossman come in a throw a deep ball in one play? Regardless, they're only 2 games back in the AFC West, and they still stand a chance to turn things around. I'm not saying they're going to end up in the playoffs...but they can still pull more than 3 wins. What about looking to the future? Michael Bush still hasn't been in a play yet, and he deserves his fair chance. Injury prone, yes, but high potential in him. And what about QB? I love Daunte as much as anyone, but maybe it's time to bring in #1?

Is it time?

The state of the San Francisco 49ers can be summed up with one word - horrible. Even Steve Young was disgusted with their performance Monday night against the Seahawks. Alex Smith is looking horrific and everyone is beginning to lose faith in the kid. Whatever...we get another top 5 pick and try again, right? WRONG! The 49ers traded their first round pick this year for the Patriots first round pick last year where they picked up Joe Staley.

Hooray for Dilfer!

In other words, the Patriots could go undefeated, win the Super Bowl, and have a top 5 pick. I'll let that one marinate....

Congrats Joski for going 9-5 in predictions and having a hella high Picks score! Joski - hit us up through e-mail and we'll pass that Baron poster to ya faster than Daunte can! Just for the record...I went 4-10. Talk about a bad week!

Click Read More to see my Week 11 Predictions!


Week 11 Matchups  
Dolphins (0-9) @
Eagles (4-5)
McNabb and Westbrook put on quite a comeback last week and found a way to finish off the Redskins at the right time. The Eagles haven't won two games in a row all year, but there's a first team for everything! Look for Dolphins new starting QB, 2nd round draft choice John Beck, to show if he's ready for the NFL!
Buccaneers (5-4) @
Falcons (3-6)
Bucs claim the NFC South, but for how long? Even the Falcons are creeping on that title...
Browns (5-4) @
Ravens (4-5)
Honestly, the Browns performance last week showed us all that they deserve to be top of the AFC. Realistically, they had no chance coming into Pittsburgh, but they claimed the lead til the end and proved that they are worthy of that AFC North title.
Chargers (5-4) @
Jaguars (6-3)
By all means, the Chargers deserved to lose last week's game against the Colts. Their defense and special teams played extraordinarily well, while their offense suffered throughout the game. How can the game even be close after Peyton Manning threw 6 INTs? This one's got Jaguars written all over it....
Saints (4-5) @
Texans (4-5)
Just when we all thought the Saints were going to make Jay-Z-like comeback, they go and lose to one of the two winless teams. Andre Johnson, one of the league's best WRs, got cleared to play for the Texans and ya know what that means...Schaub time baby!
Chiefs (4-5) @
Colts (7-2)
Manning threw 6 INTs in one game? Vinatieri missed a game winning field goal? What the? Nothing really made sense for the Colts last week but they're bound to bounce back against the Chiefs.
Giants (6-3) @
Lions (6-3)
Looks like these two can easily win the Wild Card race come playoff time. The Giants defense collapsed last week and gave Romo 4 TDs while the Lions had a silly loss against a mediocre Cardinals team. I like the Lions on this one because they have less injuries.
Panthers (4-5) @
Packers (8-1)
Blowout. (Stupid Brett Favre...)
Cardinals (4-5) @
Bengals (3-6)
Yay! The Bengals won another game! That was probably because the Ravens couldn't move the ball 5 yards...but whatever. Unfortunately for them, the Cardinals know how to score TDs...
Steelers (7-2) @
Jets (1-8)
This game isn't fair at all...
Bears (4-5) @
Seahawks (5-4)
Rex is back, but what does that mean? Nothing at all!
Redskins (5-4) @
Cowboys (8-1)
The Cowboys are on fire while the Redskins keep throwing away games at the very end - I'm looking to Dallas for another W.
Patriots (9-0) @
Bills (5-4)
Who's better than the Patriots? A Patriots team coming off of a bye! Fun fact: Randy Moss has scored 12 TDs so far this season - the same amount as the Raiders offense did last year! Wait...that wasn't fun at all!
Titans (6-3) @
Broncos (4-5)
What happened to the Titans last week? Did they just show their true selves against the Jags? Or will they bounce back against the mediocre Broncos?

Gotta love Tony.psd!


Golden State of Football
Raiders (2-7) @
Vikings (3-6)
Thank the lord AP is going to play on Sunday! Daunte's back and ready to face his old team with the fire that he brought against the Dolphins. Favre tore the hell out of the Vikings D last week, and I forsee Daunte doing the same!
Rams (1-8) @
49ers (2-7)
Crap, crap crap. Smith is out and Dilfer is in. All bad. I had a feeling the Rams would bounce back too, but now that Marc Bulger and Stephen Jackson are back from their injuries, I definitely see nothing good for the 9ers come Sunday. SF won the first meeting this year in St. Louis, but only by 1 point. Do you really think it's going to be the same this game?

Go to Ballhype and throw down your predictions!.

Remember to hit up your comments about this week's games.

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