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Warriors Waive Lasme and Say Hey Mr. DJ

Earlier today the Warriors waived 2007 2nd rounder Stephane Lasme []. The first thing that comes to mind with my cut is "Wow, that was fast!" Seriously, I wonder why they cut Lasme so fast after drafting him just a few short months ago. Why not wait it out a little? Why not throw him in the games and see if he can help the Dubs on the boards and block some shots? Why not send him down to the DLeague for a little Jam party? Why am I asking questions that I'm not qualified to ask since I haven't been at the Warriors practices this season?

Just an odd picture for several reasons.
(Photo by Steve Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Best of luck to Lasme. I'm sure some other NBA team could use his shotblocking services this year.

The GSoM Archive on Stephane Lasme


The Warriors also signed former Dallas Maverick Didier Ilunga Mbenga or the 7 foot artist known as D.J. Mbenga. To the best of my knowledge DJ is the only Congolese-Belgian player in the NBA. I have a feeling this pickup is going to bolster GSoM's traffic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire), so I just wanted to say welcome to our new friends from over there.

The Warriors wisely added another player with NBA Finals experience to the roster.
(That's 4 if you're counting- Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Austin Croshere, and now D.J.)

I really don't know if D.J. will get to spin some jams on the hardwood this season for the Warriors, but one thing's for sure though. If some dumb fan on the road tries to mess with the Warriors and Action Jackson, Mbenga's down to stick up for his folks [Wikipedia]:

In the 2006 playoffs he was suspended 6 games without pay for entering the stands. He saw coach Avery Johnson's wife being disturbed by some fans, and reportedly went into the stands with owner Mark Cuban to help usher Mrs. Johnson to the locker room. Regardless of his intentions, the NBA's Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Stu Jackson maintained a hard line against players entering the stands (a direct result of the infamous Pacers-Pistons brawl of 2004-2005), suspending him for six games without pay.

Some more info on Didier Ilunga (god, I love that name):

Also check out my man Adam's in-dept analysis of Mbenga getting the DJing gig: The Mbenga Mystery [Fast Break]

For more discussion on this topic check out llamalimbo1's diary REPORT: Warriors Sign Mbenga, Waive Lasme

Will DJ Mbenga help the Warriors man the middle this season? Do you think you can say Didier Ilunga Mbenga ten times fast?


Track of the Day: Zhane- "Hey Mr. DJ"

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