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FASHION FRIDAYS: Thunder hand puppet!

You ever watch Thunder at the games and wonder how he does all those great dance moves?  How he gets the crowd pumped?  How he has so much game?

Thunder less of a dancer than a master of power moves...

Now's your chance to BE Thunder!  Check the Thunder hand puppet at the Warriors team store!!!

thunder puppet.jpg

The Thunder hand puppet doll offers more control over movement (you're practically inside of him!), allowing you to literally embody Thunder!  Got guests coming over? Entertain family, friends, or even yourself for hours!  Bored at work? Instead of going over to the water cooler or vending machine and wasting valuable minutes asking co-workers about their kids, just bust out Thunder for a minute and get straight back to work! Having trouble meeting the ladies? Accessorize and aestheticize your fit for the clubs with Thunder on your hand, and Mystery of the VH1 show, "Pick-up Artist" will be asking you for help! You can be the life of the party just like Thunder anytime, anyplace no matter what size the crowd!  An upgrade over the classic but stiff Thunder dolls and keychains.

Every Warriors fan should get one!  Will you???

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