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RECAP: GSoM Night II- The Orange Crush in Photos

Yes, the Warriors stunk up the joint against the Utah Jazz this past Tuesday on opening night aka GSoM Night II, but who cares? I don't want to overanalyze the game- there's still 81 left and most importantly I had a great time out with all of ya'll!

All of your boys at GSoM (minus R Dizzle who's holding it down behind the We Still Believe sign).

Special shout out to the nearly 900 GSoMers who rocked the house more than that earthquake! You all were super duper hyphy and incredibly stylish in those fly orange tee's designed by our resident design guru Tony.psd. Also nothing but props and respect for Chris Murphy and Fantasy Junkie (my boy Justin) for making this event happen. Seriously who would've thought that nearly 2.5 years after we started this goofy hobby we'd grow to a family of 881 donning the freshest threads at the Roaracle? We represented to the fullest and every single one of you who came out were part of history. There has never been a sports blog event that large, that bold, and that orange- and there never will be. Say it with me now...


GSoMers were all over the newspapers too...

Tony.psd of Golden State of Design is the only person cool enough
to bump an earthquake off the front page of a newspaper.

[Contra Costa Times]

[San Francisco Chronicle]

But wait- there's more! Our good friends at FSN Bay Area made some time in their busy schedule to sneak in some GSoM shots on the telecast... in HD too! Check out these two clips from TV:



Print, web, TV- we're a media empire! (Haha I kid, I kid...)

But I do want to emphasize that here at the mighty GSoM we take losses extremely well. Shoot, around these parts we're used to the Warriors stinking up the joint like Pepe Le Peu.

Pepe lived in the arena in Oakland rent-free for over a decade.

We Believe in having a great time out! Seriously, make the jump to see (TONS of pictures of YOU!) what I'm talking about...

Me: "Yo Hash- Dogg, I bet you my Warriors foam finger for your Thunder slippers that the Warriors only lose by 21 tonight."
Hash: "Oh you're on, man!"

I saw a TON of positives from this past Tuesday's blowout loss at the hands of the Utah Jazz and there's a lot of GSoMers from the Orange Crush that agree with me. And I'm not just saying that because I won the bet with Hash and got to keep my Warriors foam finger and jack his Thunder slippers. Here's just a few of the many positives from GSoM Night II that only true members of the Orange Crush fam can comprehend.

THROW UP THAT W! After struggling big time away from the Roaracle Arena last year, the Warriors are still undefeated on the road this season!

The legendary Miss Gossip (the artist formerly known as SunsGossip) recently converted to a Warriors FANatic!

Our main man D Turman of Fear the Beard fame is still throwing it down and posterizing AK-47!

We roll deep at happening pre-game tailgates in spite of the late October tundra and Arctic winds in the Bay Area.

GSoMers get cell reception even in the nosebleeds at the Oracle!

We've still got 81 more games to look forward to!

Some people point to the Warriors lack of rebounding, but GSoMers? We point to the extremely close team rebound totals (Warriors 9, Jazz 10).

We still got the best signs in the league!

These loyal GSoMers have a moment of silence in remembrance of the "We want Foyle!" chants. Word.

No technical fouls for the Warriors on Tuesday- APPLAUSE!

We still got Nellie's hilarious interviews. Put yo hands in the air for his puppy Lucky!

The Warriors outscored the Jazz in 25% of the quarters in the season opener. .250 is a solid batting average for a pitcher in the National League!

Peace, Luv, and Dubness nonstop!

We believed the Warriors could come back and win the game in the 4th with one minute left when they were down by 15!

These GSoMers are just ecstatic about Thunder's impressive offseason workout regimen!

No random Jazz player lit the Warriors up. They only got lit up by big name Jazz players!

No one knows how to rock the nosebleeds like GSoMers!

These smart GSoMers realize that the last time the Dubs lost their season opener they made the playoffs!

Other Warrior fans might be down, but everyone part of the Orange Crush is smiling!

GSoMers went nuts when the Warriors were only down by 20!

I can only imagine how hype these good GSoMers get when the Warriors actually win a game- love the enthusiasm!

HOORAY! The Dubs only had one more turnover than assist!

WHOA! The Warriors have the same record as the arch-rival Lakers.

It's always a great time out with Franco!

BAM! Biedrins sinking free throws with the Bay shaking!

If you mess with GSoMers we'll give you the (foam) finger!

Blowout Warrior losses are so conducive to GSoM group hugs!

Only 2 Jazz players had double-doubles against the Dubs- HOLLA!

Win or lose- GSoMers LEEEEEEEAN BACK!

We pop GSom tee's like bottles of Cristal!
(Note we don't drink Cristal here at GSoM- believe me.)

Last year's GSoM Night tee's are now the hottest retro throwbacks in the Yay Area!

My boy FJ is just speechless that the Dubs only got beat on the boards by 29!

These fine GSoMers are happy because they know Warrior rookies Brandan Wright, Stephane Lasme, and Kosa Perovic have yet to miss a shot this season... EN FUEGO!

Yaobuttaming is exuberant that the Warriors completely shut down Jazz rookie Morris Almond and held him to a doughnut in scoring!

Orange you glad I'm not making terrible jokes... yet?

GSoMers do a fantastic job flashing their fake smiles and laughs at my bad jokes (that got old about 3 minutes ago)!

Pop yo threads for the Warriors getting more turnovers and fouls than the Jazz!


GSoMers know how to celebrate the Warriors tenacious D on Jazz center Kyrylo Fesenko!

Tony.psd awards longtime GSoMer JashuganRed with the prize poster of the night!

Hash, R Dizzle, and I fully understand that brown and orange are a natural match!

GSoMers are almost as hype as our man Franco Finn!

GSoMers do an excellent job pretending the Warriors are up by 20!

DJ Fuzzy Logic and I give the Warriors' defense the official GSoM stamp of approval for holding the Jazz to under 120 points!

As my man Hash communicates in GSoM Sign Language- the Warriors have yet to lose back-to-back games this season!

Did I call that 21 point loss or what?
I'll definitely be sporting these bad boys to the next Warriors home game.


Definitely feel free to drop any pics you have from the orangish festivities in the comments. Mo multimedia documentation of GSoM Night II coming soon...


If GSoMers were this hype for the blowout loss to the Jazz on GSoM Night II can you imagine what we'd be like if the Dubs actually won?

Thanks to the Orange Crush for making October 30, 2007 vs the Utah Jazz the best Warriors loss I've ever experienced!

1 L, but still- 1 DUB 1 LUV.


Don't miss!


The GSoM Night II Hype:

(You know maybe we should promote this event a little more on this site next time. Haha, just kidding.)

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