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OPEN THREAD: Game 9 - Warriors @ Knicks

Warriors (W-L): 2-6

Knicks (W-L): 2-7

Time: 4:30pm PST

TV: FSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 680

The Warriors are on a win streak! The Warriors followed up their win against the Clippers with a come from behind win against the Raptors (thanks to JAlba of course). Despite the 2-6 record, things for the Warriors are looking much rosier than their opponent tonight, the New York Knickerbockers. The Knicks are struggling big time. After starting the season 2-1, they've lost 6 in a row (sound familiar?). You won't want to miss this game so be sure to get home in time for the early start time.

I teamed up with Seth, from SB Nation Knicks blog, Posting and Toasting, to do a Q&A before the game to get a preview of the Knicks from a Knicks fan's perspective. For this preview, he asked me 3 questions about the Dubs and I asked him 3 questions about the Knicks. Here are his responses to my questions:


FJ, Golden State of Mind: The Knicks started off 2-1 and then suffered 5 straight close defeats followed by a blowout loss to Denver. They now sit at 2-7. What happened in the recent games for the team to slip? Do you think this recent slide has a lot to do with the Stephon Marbury situation, the road trip out West or are the Knicks just not very good right now?

Seth, Posting and Toasting: The answer to your "what happened?" question? Everything. The Knicks of the past week or two have been faced with a perfect storm of trials. We've got disgruntled personnel with the Marbury situation. There have been absences due to injury (Richardson, Balkman, Robinson) and family matters (Randolph). The last 4 games were on the road and all within 5 nights. Meanwhile, Isiah's scrapped his short rotation and opened up the scrub-gates, meaning we've got the likes of Mardy Collins and Fred Jones getting serious minutes. Add this all together and you've got a recipe for disaster. Excuses aside, the Knicks are back to their familiar habits of turning the ball over, relaxing on defense, and falling behind early. Things do not look good.

FJ, Golden State of Mind: A lot of Warriors fans know about the skills of Zach Randolph, David Lee, Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry. Who are two lesser known players the GSOM readers (and Warriors) should be concerned about? How are these two guys going to cause problems for the Warriors?

Seth, Posting and Toasting: Jeez. It's hard to imagine anyone causing problems for anyone right now, but I do know that the Dubs have trouble defending the three. While Jamal Crawford and Nate Robinson are streaky, they can feast from downtown if left alone. If Golden State's defensive rotation is a step slow, these guys can make 'em pay. Or at least I'd like to hope so.

FJ, Golden State of Mind: The Warriors are on a 2 game win streak after losing 6 in a row to start the season and look like the team is starting to click again. What do the Knicks have to do in order to win the game? Where do you see the Knicks have an advantage in the matchup and where might the Knicks have problems?

Seth, Posting and Toasting: The Knicks gotsta feed the paint and then feed it some more. The Warriors' small lineup causes a number of mismatches on defense (Randolph can't handle Stephen Jackson or Al Harrington. Curry can't keep Biedrins off the glass.), but we have a pretty sizable edge on offense with the EZ Money frontcourt. It all depends on pace, and whether we can use our relative girth as an advantage. The Nuggets beat the Knicks the right way- by running the break and/or getting wide-open threes over the sluggish defense. The Warriors have even more weapons in that department. On the other hand, if the Knicks can slow things down and bang bodies with Golden State's lighter big men, I think this game is winnable.


The following are his 3 questions to me. Feel free to answer them in the comments:

  1. The Warriors notched their second win of the season upon the return of Stephen Jackson. Was this simply the result of a rejuvenated Golden State team, or does the man once famous for rolling around on the hood of a moving vehicle actually have this much effect on the Warriors' success?
  2. Marco Bellinelli lit up the Summer League, but is getting limited minutes in real games. I know you guys love him at GSoM, so tell me a little about Marco's game. Do you think he's got a legit shot at being a real NBA baller?
  3. Andris Biedrins isn't just rebounding and swatting fools this year; he's scoring. Is the big Latvian just getting more minutes than he used to, or has he actually developed an offensive game?

Also be sure to check out Posting and Toasting's Know the Opponent: Golden State Warriors Edition.


  • Warriors win by 5
  • Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph call timeout to eat some donuts
  • Warriors have 6 players who score in double digits
  • Biedrins runs circles around Randolph and Curry for another double double
  • Marbury does not throw a temper tantrum until the 3rd quarter

Post your predictions, answers to the questions and your comments during the game in this open thread.

Update (Fantasy Junkie): The Posting and Toasting Open Thread for tonight's game is up with my answers to his questions.

Update 2 (Fantasy Junkie): Boxscore

Update 3 (Atma Brother #1):

Warriors blow out the Knicks! 108-82

Stay tuned for the Recap!

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