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The W Column: Counting W's for Week 4

With the Dubs on a 2 game win streak and ending their doughnut start I'm happy to re-introduce The W Column and resume Counting W's with you. This week is fairly brutal for the Dubs with a pair of back-to-backs on the East Coast. If they can get a split I think Nellie and the crew will walk away happy.

Head on over to The W Column over at FSN Bay Area for some week 4 predictions.


I'm sure you all remember the atrocious officiating in last year's game in Washington. Thank god that game didn't end up costing the Warriors the playoffs. It would've changed NBA history forever and I think it would've made the Dallas Mavericks the 2006-2007 NBA Champions.

Red Light = Warriors Win. GAME OVER.
(Photo by Mitchell Layton/NBAE via Getty Images)

It's time for some Friday revenge at the Verizon Center.

What are your Week 4 predictions for the Dubs?

Counting W's over at The W Column

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