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YouTube Tuesday: Enter the DJ

So we bid a fond farewell to Lasme, and we say multilingual hello to DJ Mbenga. (Evidently he speaks French and Portuguese.)

While it can be argued that it's never a bad thing to add a 7-footer on our squad, it remains to be seen how Nellie is going to implement DJ into our line-up. It's doubtful that he is going to see some serious minutes; however his boarding and swatting talents can hopefully be imparted amongst some of our budding young'uns.

But then again with Nellie, you never know. POB and Wright are extremely young players with extremely limited experience. Anyone who has been watching this season (with the possible exception of the last Clips game) has seen a lot of nervousness and careless errors on their parts. The DJ might finally be in an environment where he can flourish.

Let's trust in Nellie as we always have and hope for the best. Welcome to the Bay, DJ.

Credits to 408Dub for posting this in our diary section.

And with that, we’ll leave you with our parting words for the week. Or rather, parting word…

This easily wins the prize for most random video on YouTube.
Credits to Jacques for posting this in our diary section.

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